Dugan is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Dugan wore a blue sweater and brown pants with a light blue scarf and pale yellow hat


Dugan is the supervisor at the Golden Garden excavation comittee.

His expression never changes, but he possesses a keen mind and can come up with some unique theories.

He has a severe phobia of mice but he'd never let on to anyone.



Chapter 6: London's Hidden SecretsEdit

Whilst Emmy was in London collecting Professor Layton's requested documents, he went to the Golden Garden's dig site with Luke. They met Dugen there, who explained that after all the digging they'd done, there had been no trace of the Golden Garden. He suggested that someone had said it was buried deeper underground, or wasn't there at all. He then helped Layton and Luke shift a pile of rock so they could see the main dig site.


Dugan gives the puzzles "Rubble Trouble" and "Reflections."

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