Dustin Scowers is the janitor of Scotland Yard.


One day, Dustin requested the Mystery Room to take a case he called "the walking corpse". The reason Dustin had asked Inspector Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker to take the case because his older brother Doug Scowers was involved. He gave them a case file about the "walking corpse" and was confident they would be able to solve the case.

The case Dustin requested them to figure out was a murder that took place in the South American jungle. The victim was an archaeologist named Archie O'Logie and there were four suspects to the case, one of which was Dustin's older brother, who was one of O'Logie's research students. During the investigation, the local police was detaining Doug, who was asleep outside the hut where the murder took place. Since Dustin asked them to help his brother, the only way to help was to find the real culprit.

After the investigation, the culprit was discovered to be Chico Careta, a local guide for the archaeologists, but the real mastermind turned out to be Mariana Etista. Dustin started to tell Lucy the details about what happened after Careta was arrested and told Lucy to thank Alfendi on behalf of Doug as he was no longer detained.

Afterwards, Dustin and Florence Sich tried to console Hague when he started crying about Justin Lawson.


  • He originally was planned to have a garbage bin with him at all times.
  • His first name is a play on "dusting", in reference to his job as a janitor.
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