Earl Drake Dellendar is a character appearing in the second course of the TV anime Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files.

Plot[edit | edit source]

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The Earl was a millionaire from London. He became good friends with the detective Rufus Aldebaran, who proved his innocence in a case where he was suspected by feeding peanut butter to his wife, Milaine, who suffered from peanut allergy.

The Earl requested Aldebaran to solve the mystery of the hidden relics. He wanted the ancient treasure's mystery solved, no matter how much it would cost. Aldebaran did so and found a room with an device that induces cryogenic sleep and can therefore be considered as a time machine.

Later, the Earl fell victim to an incurable disease. He decided to use the Relics Room to try to connect himself to a future with further developed medical technology for there was a chance that there will be a way to treat his disease in the future. So he put himself and his son Dylan, who was also his doctor, into suspended animation using the Relics Room. There was one problem with the room, however, for if no one in there to open the coffins of the room when it is time to come out, the people inside can not be released. He left that duty to the priests of the Cranscoll Cathedral in Southampton, the place where Aldebaran has stored the Relics Room. As compensation, the Earl expanded the building, which was only a church back then, into a cathedral. The Earl also wanted to take Aldebaran with him because of his absolute trust in him.

He had the priests maintain his coffin inside the Relics Room, and had them supervised by his own organization named "Witch". He gave the organization the order that if his life was ever put in danger, they must annihilate all of the priests. But around hundred years later, the priests made a maintenance mistake, resulting in the death of the Earl and his son. To keep Witch's eyes off of them, the priests had to hide the accident. Not so long thereafter, Professor Hershel Layton and Luke Triton just happened to come by, pursuing the Relics' mystery. They were captured and put to sleep as the Earl an his son's substitutes, to make it look like they were still alive. Eleven years later, Layton and Luke were be freed by Katrielle Layton.

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