Eddie Torre is a character appearing in Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. He is a movie editor working for the Saveloy Theatre.


Torre was the partner of Maverick D. Rector, working with him to make a number of movies. Torre joined Rector’s team during his B-movie days, as it was those films that drew him to Rector’s work. In order to make more money to pay his team, Rector made more mainstream movies, such as romantic comedies and dramas. Over time, however, Torre started to feel he had sold out.

Torre was especially concerned about the final kiss scene in Rector’s latest film, ‘A Naval Advance: No Sub For Love’. He was present for the premiere of the film in London’s Saveloy Theatre. During the screening in the Saveloy’s auditorium, the film stopped just before the kiss scene. An entire reel had been cut from the film. Rector was suspicious of Torre because of his disliking towards the scene.

While investigating the case, Katrielle Layton learnt that Toore had gone into the auditorium to speak with Rector. Along with Ernest Greeves and Sherl, Kat went inside to listen to their conversation.

Rector accused Torre of cutting the reel because of his problems with it. In turn, Torre accused Rector, believing that Rector was never fully satisfied with the scene, and that his perfectionism made him decide to prevent the public from watching it. Torre told Rector that he was a sellout, and the two ended their partnership.

To their surprise, Katrielle later revealed that the true culprit was Seymour Fraymes, who cut the reel due to an incident involving his pet myna bird. Fraymes didn’t want a stained reel going through his projector, so he cut the scene out. Rector replaced the reel with some footage from his youth, which was almost identical to the kiss scene due to the movie actually being loosely based on Rector’s youth. Rector and Torre resumed their partnership and, realising Torre was right, Rector decided to return to his B-movie roots for his next film.


  • His name is derived from his job, being an editor.
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