The Unwound Future is the epilogue of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Plot Edit

Professor Layton manages to reverse the energy flow of the machine by switching some gears in the generator. This causes the entire fortress to start

Clive falling inside the fortress.

collapsing. Clive gets hit by a breaking pipe while trying to escape and falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Professor Layton, Luke, Flora, Celeste, and Bill Hawks fall from the sky in the Laytonmobile. Layton remembers what Don Paolo said, and presses a button that the latter added which "would get them out of trouble". They Laytonmobile suddenly gains wings and a huge propeller, allowing it to fly. The roof of the mobile retracts, and Bill Hawks nearly falls out because he isn't wearing his seatbelt, but Flora and Celeste pull him back in.

Celeste pleads to Layton to let her save Clive, who she sees unconscious in the control room. Layton flies to the fortress and Celeste leaps out. After landing safely on the ground and getting everybody out, he then goes back to the malfunctioning machine which is about to explode.
Laytonmobile fortress escape

Layton and friends escaping the fortress... by car.

He rescues Celeste and Clive, just before it falls into the hole to future London, where it explodes.

Clive thanks Layton for saving his life a second time like he did before. He tells hims that he was the young boy that Layton saved 10 years ago. Layton asks Clive why he sent for him when he knew the Professor was going to ruin his plans, and Clive tells him that he was hoping that the professor could save him from insanity like he did all those years ago. He is then arrested by Inspector Chelmey on command of Bill Hawks.

Dimitri walks to Professor Layton to talk about the recent events and tells him he missed one crucial detail: it turns out that Claire does not have any younger sisters, as confirmed by Chelmey, and that Celeste is actually Claire herself. The time machine appears to have actually worked for a split-second, and had sent Claire ten years into the future, the present, a moment before it exploded.


Clive at the back, being arrested.

Unfortunately, the time machine is not able to support Claire in the present, so she would ultimately go back to the moment of the blast. Dimitri had been working in the "future" London trying to rebuild the time machine so he could save her, but had failed. Claire then says that trying to mess with time is dangerous, so she convinced Dimitri to stop.

Professor Layton and Claire make one last goodbye. Claire tells Layton that she has to go back to her own time to seal her fate, as the time machine is very unstable. Layton refuses to let her go, but she says that 'he must stay strong, as that is what a gentleman does', She also tells him that she'll miss him and their "Unwound Future". She kisses him goodbye, and walks off down an alley. Luke runs to follow her, but she had disappeared. Layton turns away from Luke, takes his hat off and stares at the sky, broken-hearted about losing Claire again.

Layton No Hat

Layton taking his hat off.

In the end, the scene shows Luke, who is about to board a ship with his parents. As he says goodbye to Professor Layton, he starts crying. The professor tells him that "a gentleman never makes a scene in public". Luke shouts that he is not a gentleman yet, and wails in Layton's arms. Layton then watches the Southern Railway Built Ferry Sealink Ship as it sails to the horizon. Several months later, Professor Layton receives a letter from Luke telling him about a new mystery near his town. This mystery however, is never elaborated further.

Puzzles Edit

128Reverse RotationRotate and ArrangeSurveillance Room80
129Block BlockadeSelect and SubmitSurveillance Room70
130The Final PuzzleTap AnswerSurveillance Room30
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