Evan Barde is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. He is Arianna and Tony's deceased father.



Evan wore a white shirt, with an orange sweater vest and a dark brown jacket over the top. He also wore light brown pants and black shoes.




Pre-Game LifeEdit

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An unknown amount of time before Last Specter, Evan Barde held the party in which his daughter and Luke met. Evan was seen together with Clark and Brenda Triton, Luke's parents, drinking a glass of red wine.

Sometime after that, Evan bought an ocarina, nicknamed the 'Specter's Flute' in the black market of Misthallery from Crow, as he was the highest bidder. Arianna used it to train and soothe her friend, the lake creature Loosha.

Around six months afterwards, Evan accidentally fell off a cliff in his manor's garden, his death witnessed by Clark, who was out fishing. Misthallery's police chief, Levin Jakes, determined that his death was suicide, using what Clark said as proof. Arianna was devastated by his death, and was then taken care of by Tony at Barde Manor.

Levin had Evan's will changed on Descole's orders, so his estate was passed down to Clark instead of Arianna.

Professor Layton and the Last SpecterEdit

Eventually, Clark decided to hold Evan's land in a trust, so Arianna would inherit it once she was old enough.


Evan does not have a profile.

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