The Family Goons are minor characters in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.



The goons wore flat black hats with white bands and black jackets with high collars, similar to Professor Layton's attire.


Every goon is rude and threatening, but all have differing personalities and a shared love for puzzles.



These ubiquitous thugs like to hang around street corners.

Though they all look the same to outsiders, each one apparently has a distinct personality.

Their manners are atrocious, but they have shown a certain fondness for puzzles.



Chapter 1: Is This the Future?Edit

A goon standing outside of the Hotel Duke in the future London scolded Luke for talking to him, giving him a puzzle as punishment.When Professor Layton and Luke went to the restaurant in the arcade, another goon was standing outside. He too told Luke to leave him alone, and gave him a puzzle.

Chapter 2: A Boy Named LukeEdit

Layton asked the good by the hotel if he knew where the Gilded 7 Casino was. The goon told him off for taking Luke there with him, also advising that he should avoid the place altogether.After learning from Becky that the goons change posts quite regularly each day, they use this information to reach the casino when the good guarding the future Midland Road leaves for his next round. Later, at the casino, several goons were ordered by Bostro and his cronies to search the casino for Layton, Luke and the future Luke. Using sub-machine guns, they shot aimlessly around the casino. They were all eventually defeated by Layton with his makeshift slot machine gun.

Chapter 3: The Enigmatic FutureEdit



A lot of the Family Goons Layton and Luke encounter around the southeast side of Future London gave them puzzles. The goon in front of the Hotel Duke gave Layton and Luke the puzzles "Follow the Arrows", "Chicken Race", and "False Memory". The Family goon that was found inside the southern part of the arcade gave Layton and Luke the puzzle "What Day Is It? 2" and "Five Stamps". The other Family goons did not give any puzzles to Layton and Luke.




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