Felix is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. He is a bouncer for the greatest restaurant located in Folsense. He refused to let Layton in the Folsense restaurant, because he wouldn't take his hat off due to the strict clothing policy. The restaurant is located on the east side of Folsense.


Felix is on the east side of town. Even though he will not let Layton and co. inside he does, however, offer a couple puzzle for Layton. These puzzles include "Copying the Menu" and "Hat Trick".


  • Even though Felix says the restaurant has a no-hats policy, Barton is seen eating inside the restaurant with his hat on during the credits.


Felix works the door at one of Folsense's chicest restaurant's . Felix strictly enforce's the restaurant's no-hat policy, but the irony of the situation is that Felix actually has the most extensive hat collection in Folsense.
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