Katrielle and the Resurrected Corpses is the third episode of Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files.

Plot Edit

Case Explaination Edit

The agency was greeted by Liv, who claimed that his husband, Andy become a zombie yesterday night as he died few weeks ago. She found him ragged, scared in his room and escaped when spotted.

At Andy’s House Edit

Andy’s profiles to be a scientist and car engineer at Embly Products, died in an explosion along with his 5 colleagues. While Liv spots him yesterday, Andy grabbed a pillow, scares her and escaped through the window, leaving powders on the floor.

Although Andy and Liv are lovers, Andy cares of his projects so greatly, he looks exausted, writes formulas everywhere and fracturing Liv’s relationship.

Stakeout in the Graves Edit

Tracking the powder smell, it leads to the graveyard where the group meet an old, drunken guard. The guard claims that the zombie caused ruckus deep in the graveyard two weeks ago near the butcher shop. Katrielle enlisting Ernest to do a stakeout for proof and equipping him with a camera, jacket, sleeping bag and garlics; much to his dismay.

Ernest returned shortly after, exhausted and dirty. He claims that the zombies appeared by the loud metal door but was spotted and caught, he barely escaped the clutches as his screaming suprised the zombies, seized the chance to run.

Case Solved Edit

Katrielle, understands the riddle head to the graveyard to confront the zombies, equiped with water hose. It appears the plan works as those “zombies” were actually alive and well, wearing makeups powders to able to go public for food supplies. Andy along with his colleagues plans to pretend to be zombies so they can build a spaceship, but due to family problems they faked their deaths, forged their death certificate and later build a lab under the graveyard, hidden in plain sight. Andy also need his pillow for break at work. He need to build it due to Liv‘s promise since childhood, go to the moon after marriage. Liv after hearing this, at first disappointed but missed him in tears, but mad at him again the next day after seeing the project was minimal.

Characters Edit


  1. Zombie with a Pillow
  2. Blueprint Memo
  3. Good Smelling Powder
  4. Door Opening Sound
  5. Zombies Flinching at a Scream


  • Katrielle compares this episode's case to a creme brulee; or rather, to it's crispy surface.
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