Katrielle and the Lucky Man is the fifth episode of Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files.


Case ExplanationEdit

A man named Frederick approaches the Agency saying he used to have good luck. First, he won ten thousand pounds from a raffle ticket an old lady gave him. Next, he won thirty thousand pounds for being the millionth customer in a department store. He believes it's because he was shot by an arrow two weeks ago. His father is ill and needs to find a donor, so he wants them to discover a way to resume an implausible lucky streak.

The Scene of the ShootingEdit

Upon arriving where he was shot, Katrielle learns that Angel Arrow’s event was held there at the time. She visits their HQ and questions the boss about the event but he dodges the question and leaves. Then she finds out that at the scene of the raffle, it was only won by Frederick.

The Department StoreEdit

At the department store, the owner tells the agency that they never had the 30k prize. They learn that prizes were given out by people in stripped suits, which links them together. Suddenly huge mob of media rushes in to question Frederick about his fortune arrow. Katrielle goes back to find Angel Arrow’s boss, Seth, and spots a person wearing a striped suit, she says she has solved the mystery.

Case SolvedEdit

She explains that during the Angel Arrow's event, an arrow was accidentally let loose hitting Frederick. So to stop this from damaging Angel Arrow’s brand, Seth decided to turn this into a publicity stunt faking the "fortune" and telling the media about it to boost brand awareness. Seth wanted to do this for a friend of his named Carl, he helped him when he was younger but moved away without telling him. He believes that if he makes it big, his feelings would reach Carl who he wants to repay for his help. Carl is actually is Frederick's father, he's already repaid Carl by funding his surgery using the money he gave at the fake raffles. They manage to find a donor for Carl and he’s all better after surgery.



  • Angel Arrow’s event
  • Only Frederick won the raffle.
  • No 30k prize
  • The prizes were given out by people in stripped suits
  • Mob of media


  • Katrielle compares this episode's case to "as if a puppet of fortune tried to make an Eye Pudding, and ended with a Gallette de Pois instead".
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