"Four years on, and still it smarts. The heavens opened that night, and the rain sheeted down. That fateful night, when I lost my way. When...he killed me."
Alfendi Layton

File No. 000: Freshly Baker is the prologue "case" of Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. It introduces the protagonist Lucy Baker and some other characters.

Plot Edit

Detective Constable Lucy Baker arrived at Scotland Yard and ran into Deputy Commissioner Chan. They conversed for a short while about the back office she had been assigned to when the commissioner arrived, positive that she would thrive in her new job as she would be working with one of the best inspectors of Scotland Yard. After a warning from Chan over her exam and work performance, she left to introduce herself to her new partner.

The commissioner and Chan briefly discuss Lucy's safety with her new coworker; the commissioner remained certain that Alfendi could be trusted regardless of his 'instability'.

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