File No. 005: The DJ's Swansong is the fifth case in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. A popular radio DJ, Dwight Dread, had died from poisoning during a live radio show.


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The case begins with Alfendi and Lucy appearing not to be in the office. Instead, a radio broadcast plays, starring DJ Dwight Dread in an interview with Dolly Hollerday, a popular singer. As Hollerday hands Dread some macaroons (albeit offscreen), he thanks Hollerday for getting them for him. Alfendi and Lucy then appear, with Lucy remarking that she thought that the radio show wasn't Alfendi's cup of tea. Alfendi questions her about it, and she replies that while the radio is fine, she feels offput by the way Dread talks when there is a female on the show. As Alfendi proceeds to remark on that, a beeping machine-like sound plays from the radio, and Dread proceeds to say that a fax came in. As he reads from the fax, he finds that the request is from "Ms Angel O'Death" and that the request is "I'll be the Death of You". He is confused by the request, saying that someone apparently wants to be "DJ Dwight Dead" because of the creepy tone of the fax. He then says that if he signs off for the last time ever, he would try a macaroon Hollerday brought. However, he collapses, and the show abruptly cuts to a "Farrods sale" ad.

In shock, Lucy asks about what happened, and Alfendi proceeds to say it is probably a very convincing practical joke. Suddenly, someone opens the door. It's 'Sniffer' Hague, and he asks for them to investigate a case about what just happened on the show. As soon as they start asking about the case, the phone goes off the hook, and the calls are all from anxious listeners of the fateful show. As 'Sniffer' leaves to investigate the crime scene, they comment on his actions. He sends the report to the Mystery Room investigators, confirming that Dread had indeed, died.

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