File No. 008: Ham and Cheese is the eighth case in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. The case recreates the murder of a millionaire from four years earlier.


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As Lucy Baker finishes recounting the events of the previous case to Justin Lawson, the conversation turns to Diane Makepeace and her relationship with Alfendi Layton. Justin explains that her father, Keelan Makepeace, was a serial killer who Alfendi tracked down four years ago. In the process of cornering him at his hideout in Forbodium Castle, a tragic incident occurred and both Alfendi and Keelan were shot. Alfendi survived, but was never the same again, his personality disorder first manifesting after his recovery. As the two ponder Alfendi's absence, Hilda Pertinax storms in demanding to see him: she announces that she has received an invitation from Diane to Forbodium Castle. Fearing that Alfendi has already set off, Lucy and Hilda follow suit, leaving Justin to organize backup. Upon arriving, Lucy hears Alfendi's voice and rushes to aid him, only for the door to lock behind her, sealing her inside the room. As Lucy realises the room is a crime scene, Diane's voice sounds from a speaker inside the room, informing Lucy that she is going to have to solve a four year old case if she wants to escape. In the room is a dead body with an animal mask affixed to its head: this is Pig, and she must solve his murder.

Lucy decides to take the case and reads through the files. However, when she sees the photos of the suspects, she realizes they all are wearing animal masks, surprising her. She then reads through the profiles and learns about the suspects and the victim; Pig was a millionaire and had arrangements to meet Dog and Donkey for business discussions, Cat was the victim's wife who would gain a vast sum of money in life insurance from Pig's death, Hen, who was the housekeeper had gotten annoyed due to her employer's tight-fistedness, Dog, who was a trader who owed money to Pig, and Donkey, a fraudulent gemstone trader who Pig had the advantage over.

After reading the profiles, she investigates some photos of outside the room.

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