"A gravely wounded Descole reveals the secret of Layton's childhood and explains their connection to Bronev. Layton and Luke resolve to prevent Bronev from unleashing the Azran legacy and make their way up to the top of the sanctuary."

The Azran Legacy is the finale of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy.








There are no new mysteries that are found during this chapter.


The Targent MastermindEdit

  • After Bronev laments about Rachel:

Bronev sacrificed everything in pursuit of the Azran legacy, and through his ruthlessness, unleashed a force that would destroy the world. Faced with the fact that his dream is in fact a nightmare, Bronev's ambition crumbles into dust.

  • After Bronev is arrested:

In helping Professor Layton and the others prove humanity's worth to the Azran, Bronev played a part in averting the destruction of the world. He appears to have rediscovered his humanity, but can he ever make up for his past deeds?

The MummyEdit

Aurora was created by the Azran to guard their legacy once they were gone. After travelling the world with Professor Layton and fulfilling her role, the time came for her to say goodbye, with the hope of one day being reborn.

Layton's ThoughtsEdit

The Targent MastermindEdit

  • After solving the mystery for the second time:

1. He chased his dream with fervid determination, yet he must have had some belief that the Azran could bring him happiness...

2. Bronev's wife... My biological mother... She died while Bronev was pursuing the Azran.

  • After solving the mystery for the third time:

The Azran's legacy is lost forever, but Bronev has regained his humanity. Perhaps this is the hope the Azran wished to bequeath...

The MummyEdit

  • After solving the mystery for the third time:

With the Azran legacy disposed of, Aurora's role as their messenger has been fulfilled.


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