The Folsense Gold Mine was a mine on the north-west side of Folsense owned by the Herzen family. All operations in the mine ceased 50 years before the main narrative of Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box when the miners unwittingly released something horrific on the people of Folsense that brought the town to ruin.

Mine LayoutEdit

Mine EntranceEdit

The central entrance to the gold mine. This area has a couple of rotting mine carts and some old torn tracks. The entrance is on the far northwest side of Folsense, in the forest area.

Mine Machine RoomEdit

A room filled with machines. These machines used to keep air pressure and gas of the mine in order. Along the tracks is a locked doorway leading into a corridor in the mine. Pavel is encountered in this room.

Mine RoomEdit

A simple corridor of the mine. The picture on the wall in this room shows that the miners were puzzle enthusiasts and spend some of their off-hours making puzzles in their long days in the mine.

Mine LiftEdit

The central elevator of the mine. This elevator is used to traverse the two floors of the mine. The lower level houses the lost safe of the mine.

Mine Safe RoomEdit

As the name implies, this room housed a safe. Inside the safe, locked away for to protect it from harm, there was a tattered journal, left there by one of the miners.


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