Forbodium Castle is a location in the game Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. It is referenced to often in the game, and is where File No. 008 and File No. 009 is set.

Structure Edit

The structure of Forbodium Castle is divided into four parts; three towers referenced to simply as the West, Central and East Tower respectively, and a single passageway that runs directly underneath the West Tower and serves as the main entry-point to the castle. There is a room along the passageway, which can be locked remotely; the room also has a secret passageway that leads back to the main passageway.


  • At the end of File No. 005, Alfendi, as 'Potty Prof', refers to a 'Radmond Castle' when speaking to Justin Lawson. This was an error on the translators' side, because in the original version, the name was 'ラドモンド城', read as 'Radomondo-jō'. This can be translated as 'Radmond Castle', but in the English version is actually Forbodium Castle.
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