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The Eternal Diva / Jenis Quatlane
Release date: Dec 16, 2009 Theeternaldiva
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Composer: Tsuneyoshi Saito, Tomohito Nishiura
Format: CD
No. Title Length
1 Record of Memories 1:19
2 Let This Happiness Be Eternal 1:46
3 A Transient Life's Departure 2:06
4 Jenis' Tears 1:38
5 The Eternal Diva 7:03
6 A Song of the Stars 0:37
7 A Song of the Sea 0:49
8 A Song of the Sun 2:16
9 Indigo Memories 1:39
Total time: 19:13
Reiton-kyōju to Eien no Utahime OST
Release date: Unknown EDSoundtrack
Publisher: Unknown
Composer: Tomohito Nishiura, Layton Grand Caravan Orchestra
Format: CD
No. Title Length
1 Cold Open ~Professor Layton's Theme 2:38
2 Prologue to the Adventure ~Puzzles 1:27
3 Travel Guide ~Descole's Theme 1:40
4 Compensation 1 ~Detragiganto's Theme 0:33
5 Departure to the Voyage ~Descole's Theme 2:05
6 Detragan's Echoes ~Whistler's Theme 1:06
7 Rules for the Survivors ~An Uneasy Atmosphere 0:46
8 Puzzle Number 001 ~Puzzles Reinvented 1:56
9 Compensation 2 ~Detragiganto's Theme 0:21
10 Puzzle Number 002 ~Puzzles 5 4:11
11 Melina's Tenacity ~An Uneasy Atmosphere 0:27
12 People of the Past ~The Looming Tower 2:13
13 The True Crown ~Descole's Theme 1:54
14 About London ~About Town 0:43
15 The Passionate Whistler ~Whistler's Theme 1:26
16 The Legendary Kingdom ~Theme of Ambrosia 0:56
17 Rest ~Time for a Break 0:53
18 Approaching Pursuer 1 ~Approaching Pursuer 1:18
19 Puzzle Number 003 ~Revolutionary Idea 0:54
20 Adjusting the Pace ~Pursuit in the Night 1:11
21 Compensation 3 ~Detragiganto's Theme 0:12
22 Escape! ~Professor Layton's Theme 2:24
23 Puzzle Number 004 ~The Plot Thickens 2:07
24 Descole Appears ~Descole's Theme 1:01
25 Professor Layton's Piano ~A Song of the Sea 0:32
26 Approaching Pursuer 2 ~Approaching Pursuer 1:04
27 Emmy's Efforts ~Emmy's Theme 0:31
28 Whistler's Experiment ~Dangerous Experiment 2:10
29 The Mystery Explained! ~Professor Layton's Theme 2:34
30 Great Conspiracy ~Descole, Ambrosia's Theme 2:36
31 Prelude to Destruction ~Descole's Theme 1:07
32 Detragiganto Appears ~Detragiganto's Theme 1:43
33 Janice's Crisis ~Tense Decision 0:21
34 Future British Gentleman ~Luke's Theme 1:53
35 The Final Battle ~Time of Conclusion 1:49
36 The Dream Collapses ~Theme of Ambrosia 1:38
37 Father's Memories ~Whistler's Theme 0:35
38 The Feelings Will Always Be Close ~Whistler's Theme 2:46
39 The Eternal Diva / Janice Quatlane (CV Nana Mizuki) 6:55
Total time: 62:36


Cold Open~Professor Layton's Theme Prologue to the Adventure~Puzzles Travel Guide~Descole's Theme
ED-Cold Open~Professor Layton's Theme
ED-Prologue to the Adventure~Puzzles
ED-Destination Guide~Descole's Theme
Compensation I~Detra-Gigant's Theme Departing on the Voyage~Descole's Theme Echo of the Detragan~Whistler's Theme
ED-Compensation I~Detra-Gigant's Theme
ED-Departing on the Voyage~Descole's Theme
ED-Echo of the Detragan~Whistler's Theme
Rules for the Survivors~An Uneasy Atmosphere Puzzle No.001~Puzzles Reinvented Compensation II~Detra-Gigant's Theme
ED-Rules for the Survivors~An Uneasy Atmosphere
ED-Puzzle No.001~Puzzles Reinvented
ED-Compensation II~Detra-Gigant's Theme
Puzzle No.002~Puzzles 5 Melina's Tenacity~An Uneasy Atmosphere People of the Past~The Looming Tower
ED-Puzzle No.002~Puzzles 5
ED-Melina's Tenacity~An Uneasy Atmosphere
ED-People of the Past~The Looming Tower
The Right Crown~Descole's Theme In London~About Town Whistler's Passion~Whistler's Theme
ED-The Right Crown~Descole's Theme
ED-In London~About Town
ED-Whistler's Passion~Whistler's Theme
The Legendary Kingdom~Theme of Ambrosia Rest~Time for a Break Approaching Pursuer I~Approaching Pursuer
ED-The Legendary Kingdom~Theme of Ambrosia
ED-Rest~Time for a Break
ED-Approaching Pursuer I~Approaching Pursuer
Puzzle No.003~Revolutionary Idea Adjusting the Pace~Pursuit in the Night The Eternal Diva
ED-Puzzle No.003~Revolutionary Idea
ED-Adjusting the Pace~Pursuit in the Night
ED-The Eternal Diva
A Song of the Stars A Song of the Sea A Song of the Sun
ED-A Song of the Stars
ED-A Song of the Sea
ED-A Song of the Sun
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