Garland is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. He is the grocer of Folsense. He protected his shop with garlic just to be safe against vampires. Unfortunately, this prevents the large number of would-be customers he has from entering his shop, let alone buy anything. He loves his daughter Marina very much.


Garland can be found inside of his Grocery Store at the northwest side of Folsense. He gives Layton and Luke a couple of Puzzles. These puzzles are "Jars and Cans 1" and "PU!".


  • It is possible that his name was derived from the word garlic.


The town grocer fears vampires so much that he's smothered his shop in garlic. The reek of his place has already driven a number of patrons elsewhere, yet the amount of garlic in his store only increases day by day.
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