Geoff is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. He wants to do a civil service by capturing the vampire in Herzen Castle. The castle apparently houses a great and powerful vampire who wants to suck the blood of everyone in town. He has put garlic all throughout the tower he is keeping guard from. He thinks of himself as the soul protector of Folsense. He, however, does nothing throughout the game, other than accuse the professor and Luke of being vampires. Geoff is located at the top of the watchtower at the west side of Folsense. He wears a hat and a red vest as well as a garlic necklace. The vampire of Folsense, as shown later on, was in fact Anton trying to protect his family fortune. Anton pretended he was a vampire to scare others away from the castle and gold mine, which worked very well. Geoff was one of the many Anton fooled. Most of the people of Folsense believe it was his way of tryng to impress Vera.


Geoff is one of the many who give Layton and Luke one of the various puzzles. He gives that Geoff you the puzzle "Top of the Tower".


High in the watchtower, Geoff keeps an eye fixed on Herzen Castle for any signs of vampire activity. Even among the eclectic folks living in Folsense, Geoff is considered an oddball. Some say that fighting evil is his way of trying to impress Ilyana.
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