Ghent is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



Ghent wore a light blue shirt with a dull yellow jacket and black pants.



A foolhardy pawn hired by Descole. Unlike the other thugs, Ghent is a big bully with a sweet tooth and a love of all things cute. If anyone were to find out that he makes teddy bears as a hobby, he would probably burst into tears on the spot.



Chapter 7: Third Eye JakesEdit

Soon after Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy had left the police station after meeting Levin Jakes, he ordered his thugs (Ghent, Bram and Nordic) to go after the three.

The thugs caught up, surrounding them, causing onlookers to flee. Emmy made Layton and Luke stand back, and the four fought, Emmy overpowering them all very quickly with her superior fighting skills.


Ghent gave no puzzles in Last Specter.

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