You are may be looking for Esther, whose name in the British version of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is Gloria.

Gloria Blaise was a high-profile actress who had underwent stage training at a very young age and became a greatly admired stage actress. During a performance, she died when someone shot her.








Blaise had been engaged to Roscoe Strapping and planned to perform together in a play soon. However, Strapping's debauchery caused him to cheat on her with Destiny Knox, a supporting actor for the play. When Blaise had heard about this, she became heartbroken at Strapping and decided to kill herself while punishing him for his affair. She typed up a note pointing to Strapping for his betrayal and bought a gun to soon replace with a replica gun used in the play to shoot her character.

During the play, Strapping, playing her character's husband, shot her with what he thought was the replica gun. The bullet hit the fake blood squib so the audience thought her death was an act but Strapping knew that the gun he shot her with was not the replica gun at all. He thought that Bray Clegg, the stagehand who manufactured all the equipment, switched the guns so he improvised a plan to frame him for his "crime". Strapping purposely bumped into Knox, who was coming on-stage, and told her to scream when the lights were turned off. He then proceeded to knock Clegg unconscious in the dark and placed the actual gun into his hand. When the lights came back on, the audience saw Blaise's corpse, with Knox confirming she was dead.

When Blaise's death had been investigated by Inspector Alfendi Layton and Lucy Baker, Strapping tried to convince them it was Clegg who committed the crime due to the death threat in her hand and the gun held by him. However, upon further inspection, Alfendi deducted that it was actually Strapping who knocked out Clegg because Strapping was the killer all along. Strapping's scheme to frame Clegg was soon exposed and he even admitted to it but insisted he had no prior knowledge of the guns being switched and he was being framed by the true mastermind of the case.

To his surprise, the true mastermind turned out to be Blaise herself as she voluntarily threw away the squib remote and switched the guns herself. Alfendi theorized that due to Strapping's affair with Knox, Blaise became heartbroken and decided to kill herself while framing Strapping for murder.


  • Gloria Blaise's full name is based on the idiom "blaze of glory", which means to do something dramatic and majestic at the end to gain fame for it.
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