The Grand Grimoire is a book used in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It contains information about all the possible kinds of witchcraft that exist in Labyrinthia. The book is normally kept in the Great Archive, where it has its own "special viewing room". Normally this room is only accessible to highly intelligent people, such as Inquisitors, but Professor Layton manages to convince the curator to let him in after solving her puzzles.

The book describes in great detail what conditions apply for a specific kind of magic to work. Phoenix Wright can use this information during a trial to find out whether it was possible for a specific spell to have been used. The magic spells can be presented in the same way as the evidence.


  • Dimere - Makes anything the user touches disappear.
    • Mentioned on the Dimere page: Amere - makes things re-appear after casting Dimere.
  • Fainfol - Causes anyone who hears it to lose consciousness.
  • Famalia - Summons a familiar.
  • Goldor - Turns something into gold.
  • Godoor - Creates portals on green walls.
  • Granwyrm - Summons a fire dragon.
  • Ignaize - Makes fire ignite.
  • Taelende - Not actually a spell in the book, but hidden on the cover. Disables all cloaks.


  • There exists an actual Grand Grimoire. It is a large book about black magic.
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