The Great Witch Bezella is a character appearing in Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. She is an evil witch, who brought terror to Labyrinthia. It is said that all other witches only exist because of her.

Plot Edit


The Great Witch Bezella was a character invented by an unnamed race that lived on the island of Labyrinthia a long time ago. After an event called the Legendary Fire, they attributed the destruction to her.

Long after the ancient race had left, the legend was rediscovered in their ruins by Arthur Cantabella and Sir Newton Belduke. Arthur later used the Great Witch as a story for his daughter Espella, telling her that the witch would posses her if she rang the bell in the Bell Tower.

However, when the bell was accidentally rang during the second Legendary fire, this cause Espella to believe that she was in fact the Great Witch. This eventually led Arthur to create Project Labyrinthia, in which the bad witches were executed, so that Espella would stop worrying.

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