Outside Green Hospital

Green Hospital is a building in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. It is one of the first buildings that Professor Layton and Luke Triton visit in the future London, accessible via the underground railroad's Auckland Lane station.

It is where they meet the future Dr. Andrew Schrader.



Dr. Schrader in the patient room

When Professor Layton and Luke arrive at Green Hospital, they are directed to a patient room by the receptionist Natalia. There they find Dr. Andrew Schrader, who tells Layton about rumors regarding his future self. He also informs Layton that the Laytonmobile is behind the hospital. After solving a puzzle, Layton and Luke are able to get into the vehicle, where they find a letter from Future Luke requesting that they meet him at the Gilded Seven Casino.

As the game progresses, Layton and Luke discover that the Future London is actually an elaborate set created to deceive them and several scientists kidnapped by Dimitri. The future Dr. Schrader was actually Don Paolo in disguise (recognized by Layton due to his lack of a reaction at seeing a young Luke in the future). The Laytonmobile was also a fake meant to encourage Layton and Luke to believe they were in the future.




Natalia in the reception area

The reception area is the first room encountered when a person enters the hospital. Behind the counter in the room is Natalia, as well as a collection of medical records.

Patient RoomEdit

The patient room is the only accessible room besides the reception area in the hospital. It is a typical hospital room with a bed and nightstand. This is where Dr. Schrader is located.

Behind the hospital

Back of HospitalEdit

Behind Green Hospital is a dumpster and debris scattered on the ground. The future Laytonmobile is also parked here, severely broken down. The Professor is most not happy about this, but he will take it any way, as long as he has his precious Laytonmobile back.


There are five puzzles located in Green Hospital. Natalia gives the player the puzzle "Making the Round". The puzzles "Medicine Time" and "X-ray Vision" are found in the patient room, and finally, "The Secret Number" is solved in order to gain access to the Laytonmobile. If the player returns to the back of Green Hospital, they can solve the puzzle "Back and Forth.

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