Grinko is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. He is the curator of the Herzen Museum and is employed by Beluga to search out the Elysian Box just like Sammy. He is wise on the artifacts that lie inside of the museum. He also has plenty of knowledge on the past of Folsense and the Herzen Family. Grinko is the first person in Folsense who speaks of Anton and refer to him by his real name. He also is the only person in the game who, when informing Layton, calls Beluga his birth name. The name in question is revealed to be Fredrich Herzen. As the curator of the Herzen Museum he knows many secrets about the Herzen Family and Folsense.

One thing he is quite knowledgeable and informative about that is in the museum is the paintings. One painting is one of the late Duke Herzen alone. He informs Layton and Luke of the Late Duke Herzen and his story. The late Duke Herzen gave Folsense its wealth and prosperity. Folsense grew due to the gold mine created on the northwest side of the city. He then implores Layton and Luke to search out the mine west of Folsense. The other painting he speaks of is the one in the middle of the room. It is a picture of Duke Herzen, Beluga(Fredrich), and Anton.

Some time in the game Grinko will want tea. Grinko's choice in tea is the Layton Elixer. Grinko is found in the bottom level of the Herzen Museum he works at.


Grinko, like others in Folsense, gives Layton and Luke a single puzzle. The puzzle Grinko gives Layton is "The Mystery Cube".


Grinko's main job is Herzen Museum curator, but his employer, Beluga, often sends him around town to sniff out leads on the Elysian Box. Grinko is one of the few people in town who fully comprehends many of the town's secrets.
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