"Sniffer" Hague is a character appearing in Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. He is a junior detective at Scotland Yard, working for Detective Lawson. He has bad eyesight, but a great sense of smell to make up for it.

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Sniffer is a man of a medium height, around as tall as Lucy Baker. He has ginger, puffy hair that contributes to adding his height. He wears a bandana to keep his hair off his sight. He wears glasses and carries a sling bang around with two bottles and a ruler exposed. In the promo art, he can be seen carrying a magnifier.

He wears a beige-colored coat (a design quite similar to Alfendi Layton's labcoat) with light pastel blue colored sleeves, along with a buttoned vest and white shirt tucked inside, and a butterfly bow on the collar. He wears turquoise-colored pants and a pair of orange and white shoes.

Personality Edit

Sniffer is a very straightforward man, as he is quick to get to the point and wastes no time getting his message across. As said by Alfendi, he has a good sense of smell and sharp instincts- his assumptions are proven correct most of the time-- with him predicting Dwight Dread's death correctly as evidence. However, his flaw is that he tends to get ahead of himself and is quick to accuse, as he threatened Dolly Hollerday if she does not check in with the Mystery Room detectives, he'll do a bodily check on her. He even insisted via telephone to Lucy that Dolly is guilty and they should "squeeze the canary until it squeals", implying that they should interrogate her until she confesses.

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Case 005 Edit

Not much is known about him as he only appeared once during the game, acting as a case requester. Alfendi described him as being right most of the time about certain incidents, but has a tendency to get ahead of himself. This was proven when he was quick to accuse Dolly Hollerday (via telephone) of murdering Dwight Dread despite the truth not being proven yet.

Sniffer's actual name was never revealed in the game. On the website, the name Sniffer was written with two "s accompanying, indicating that Sniffer is merely only a nickname and not his actual name. Currently, only his surname is known.

Ending Credits Edit

His last and only other appearance is on the ending credits illustration as he cried over Lawson's arrest with Dustin Scowers and Florence Sich comforting him.

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