Hans Lipski is a character appearing in Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. He maintains the clocks of the Elizabeth Tower in London.



Hans, a short man with light skin and reddish-brown hair, is the identical twin of Aleks Lipski. He wears glasses as well as clothing appropriate for his work as a serviceman.


Hans shares a strong bond with his brother Aleks.



Early LifeEdit

Hans worked as the serviceman for the clock at the top of the Elizabeth Tower, which is also called Big Ben.

Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' ConspiracyEdit

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The Hand That FeedsEdit

When Hans was 27 years old, he accidentally dropped one of the Big Ben clock hands he was working with and it broke. He knew that the hand could not be replaced in time for Ambassador Fouxdufàfà's visit to London, so he went to Aleks for help. Aleks had learned how to make replicas of objects out of confections, and he worked with Hans to design a temporary replacement clock hand made of wafer. Once Aleks had completed the forgery, Hans put it in place on the giant clock face.

Unfortunately, the wafer dissolved during a late-night rain shower. The next morning all of London could see that the clock hand was missing. When Katrielle Layton investigted the clock tower, Hans pretended to know nothing about the missing hand.

However, Layton discovered what the brothers had done after visiting Aleks's pâtisserie. To rectify the situation, Aleks made another wafer clock hand for the ambassador, who greatly enjoyed it.


  • His name sounds like "hands slip", referencing how he dropped the clock hand.
  • Hans and Aleks may be immigrants from eastern Europe, since they speak with accents and refer to each other as "bratsy". The suffix "ski" is common among Slavic surnames.
  • Aleks mentions that both twins went into careers that involve skill with their hands.
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