The Folsense Museum or Herzen Museum is a location in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It is a museum filled with artifacts and paintings of the Herzen family. The museum was originally funded and created by Mr. Beluga. Grinko is his hired hand and curator for the museum. The museum is located in the center of Folsense and is locked until a certain point in the game. Professor Layton wants to get in so maybe he can find the secrets of the Elysian Box.


Outside of the MuseumEdit

In front of the Herzen Museum is a large gate that prevents anyone (but a select few) from entering the museum's walls. Only people Beluga can trust are allowed in. There is also a fountain spewing out water as one would come inside of the gate. In front of the fountain is a symbol that catches Layton's eye. This symbol was the goat symbol on the Elysian box;the Herzen family's emblem. Later on in the game, Layton and Luke have full access to the museum thanks to Sammy's help. The door to the museum is also where one can usually find Gregorio. He doesn't do much for the mystery of the Elysian Box, however.

Inside of the MuseumEdit

Ground FloorEdit

The bottom floor of the museum houses several artifacts from the time of the late Duke Herzen, Anton and Beluga's father. A statue of the duke can be seen at the end of the long hallway. Grinko, the curator of the museum, is also inhabiting this floor. He tells Layton of some of the history regarding the Herzen Family. Inside this floor, there are also other trinkets such as old notes, paintings, clothing, and other items owned by the family.

The Top FloorEdit

On the top floor there Layton and Luke can see more artifacts from 50 years ago. There is a painting of Anton, Beluga and the late Duke Herzen all together. On this floor, there is also a portrait of the late Duke Herzen. This picture intrigues Layton and Luke. Then Grinko appears and, standing by them, talks to Layton about the picture of the Herzen Family, explaining about the falling out of the duke and his youngest son Fredrich. Also on this floor are other items owned by the previous rulers of Folsense.


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