Duke Herzen, Fredrich and Anton GP DB

A portrait of 3 of the Herzen Family members (from right to left): Duke Herzen, Beluga and Anton.

The Herzen Family is the family who ruled Folsense during the time before Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. Duke Herzen is responsible for discovering the gold deposit and building the mine that both glorified and plagued Folsense.

A museum that is dedicated to the family sits in the center of Folsense. It houses pictures and statues and other items owned by the family.

The Herzen family consists of Duke Herzen, Anton, and Beluga. Sophia and Anton's daughter, and Katia are also Herzens by blood, but do not carry the name. Duke Herzen's wife, Sophia, and Mr. Anderson are (or in Sophia's case, was going to be) Herzens by marriage.

Anton, Beluga, Mr. Anderson, and Katia are the only members still alive during the course of Diabolical Box.

Anton is the current Duke of Folsense, since he is the eldest son, and because he, unlike his brother Beluga, stayed in Folsense despite the disease and his fiancée's departure.


  • Herz(en, plural), is German for heart, and this may symbolize Anton and Sophia's love for each other.