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[[de:Highyard Hill]]
[[de:Highyard Hill]]
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[[Category:Last Specter Locations]]

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Highyard Hill is a location in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. This vast area was north of Misthallery, being separated from it with a large arch.



The arch hangs above the path leading to the plaza. Naiya lived in this arch, and Mimi usually stood under it. Maggie also stood beneath it near the end of the game. Highyard's arch was also hit by the specter, unfortunately taking a lot of damage.

Grand PlazaEdit

Highyard Hill's plaza was in the center of town. Otaki-san and Maggie stood here. The plaza was also the location for the final showdown with Descole, and was where Loosha was taken by Jakes.

Twisted Lamp PostEdit

Next to the twisted lamp post stood Hans and Bucky. There was a little house there, with bushes and ivy going up the walls.

Police HQEdit

Chippe guarded this building, which was at the far right of the plaza. Jakes worked here, and it was full of officers, as Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy could hear them all talking behind one of the doors.

Quiet TownscapeEdit

This silent pathway is left of the plaza. Sean stood in the middle of the path, with Otaki-san at his right at the end of the game. The townscape is below the camp.

Collapsing PathEdit

Escaping Marilyn's fierceness after an argument, Tweeds relaxed in this area. The path was not very safe; planks of wood were used to bridge together the whole complex.

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