Hoogland is a location in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is a quiet town that was established a long time ago.

Plot Edit

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Professor Layton, Luke, Emmy, Desmond Sycamore and Aurora visit the town with the Bostonius in order to find the Azran's legacies. Upon arriving, the group learns that they are in time for a wedding, which they find is not a conventional wedding, but a cruel ritual in which girls are sacrificed in "marriage" to the unseen deity known as the Dragonlord, turning them into gentle breezes to pacify the Dragonlord's wrath which plagues the town with whirlwinds. The latest bride, Romilda, is willingly taken into the chapel, despite the pleas of her fiancé Julien.

After investigating, the group learns that the girls do not actually die, but instead have been using the ritual as a cover to leave the town. Romilda, however, wishes to sacrifice herself in a bid to prove that the rituals of calming the Dragonlord were meaningless. Finding another way into the chapel, Layton's group finds that the whirlwinds in Hoogland were caused by a piece of Azran machinery that has become incorrectly calibrated; fixing the machine not only calms down the local winds, but also yields the Azran Egg to them. The group receives the Egg, happy that Hoogland will no longer have to continue their sacrificial ceremony.

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  • Hoogland seems to be inspired by the Netherlands. Ironically, the name "Hoogland" is Dutch for "highlands". The Netherlands, like the name suggests, are low lands. Hoogland is also very mountainous in comparison to the Netherlands.
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