Horace is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.


Horace was featured on the cover of a newspaper at the start of the game. Unbeknownst to Professor Layton, Horace was kidnapped by Dimitri Allen, masquerading as Dr. Stahngun at the time. Horace was brought to Future London, where he was forced to work on a time machine. Horace obeyed orders without question because he was convinced that the time machine was his only back to normal London. During his tenure at the Thames Research Facility, he learned of the Family's plans, but still followed orders. He met Professor Layton and Luke. Layton noticed his wet footprints by the Gilded 7 Casino, which were an effect of passing through the Thames river to get to the research facility. While in Future London, Horace maintained a good relationship with fellow scientist Cuthbert, who he occasionally made plans with. He was last seen at the research facility, where he encountered Layton, Luke, Flora, and Don Paolo. He told them what he had learned from the families, and proceeded to show them to the Central Research Room. While showing them he met Cuthbert again, who he convinced that this Layton was the genuine article. Both Cuthbert and Horace then ask Layton to stop Dimitri's plans, so they can return to their own time, along with Avogadro, another scientist who was kidnapped from London to work on the time machine. It is unknown whether or not Horace knew that Clive was the true mastermind, however it is implied that when the mobile fortress was destroyed, Horace and his fellow scientists returned to their own time.


Horace gives Layton and Luke a puzzle during their time leaving Chinatown with their new information. Horace then talks to Layton at the gate. It is here he gives them the puzzle "Timely Arrivals." This puzzle features both Horace and his good friend Cuthbert.


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