Inspector Gilbert is a minor character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. He was an inspector working at Scotland Yard ten years before the events of Unwound Future. He was also Barton's father.



Gilbert was quite stout. He had orange-brown hair curling behind his ears, and a beard of the same color. He wore glasses, a white shirt with a yellow tie and a green waistcoat, and plain pants with a belt.


Just like his son, Gilbert had an appetite that occasionally dominated his police work. He was well respected by most of his colleagues.


An eminent inspector from Scotland Yard, Gilbert was a cheerful and unpretentious man who placed great trust in his subordinates.

He took a firm stance when dealing with investigations, but sometimes his appetite got the better of him.


Pre-Game LifeEdit

Gilbert was an officer at Scotland Yard, working as an inspector seven years before Last Specter. He was Chelmey's role model, as Chelmey was only a constable at the time.

Professor Layton and the Last SpecterEdit

Episode: I of the YardEdit

Gilbert found Chelmey reading records in the Yard's archive. They conversed as they went back upstairs, with Gilbert telling Chelmey that he shouldn't let his work interfere with his life. He also mentioned that Barton was learning to be a police officer at an academy.

After working together for a while, he and Chelmey finally managed to find the criminal they had been tracking. The man escaped by car, and Chelmey, going against his superior's choice, decided to chase on foot instead. Gilbert was shot because of this.

Before dying of his injuries, Gilbert told Chelmey that, one day, he would be a fine detective.



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