The Judge of Labyrinthia is a judge appearing in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He is the main judge of the game, and handles all Witch Trials.

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Chapter 2: The Fire Witch Edit

The Judge can first be seen in the Chamber Of Fire, sentencing an apparent witch to death. As the girl pleads her innocence, she is dropped straight into the fire pit. Espella Cantabella’s trial begins immediately after, and the Judge immediately shows a bias to Inquisitor Zacharias Barnham, believing Phoenix Wright to be nothing more than an apprentice baker. As the trial progresses, however, the Judge witnesses and acknowledges Phoenix’s talent. Eventually, the Judge declares his first ‘Not Guilty’ verdict in the history of the Witch’s Court, before sentencing Kira to death, as she has been revealed to be a witch herself.

Chapter 4: The Golden Court Edit

During the trial of Maya Fey, the Judge considers Wright and Barnham to be equals, and even approves of Phoenix’s request to have Birdly’s parrot, Cracker, testify. He also listened to Phoenix when he pleaded for Jean Greyerl to receive a lighter sentence than execution, on the grounds that she didn’t kill anyone.

The Final Witch Trial Edit

The Judge returned to preside over the trial of the Great Witch Bezella, who was believed to be Espella. He is shown to have a surprising amount of empathy, as shown when he seemed concerned about Espella through the trial, while Darklaw pulled no punches. He became increasingly shocked as the secrets about Labyrinthia were revealed by Layton and Wright, but later told the Storyteller that he wished to remain in town regardless.

After the game, the Judge became a singer and a fortune teller, and often went for walks with Wordsmith.

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