Krantz is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. He runs the Folsense Hotel alone, since the rest of the staff evacuated when the illness struck. He is found in the Hotel Foyer and is there throughout Layton and Luke's time in Folsense. Krantz is a wise fellow who is aware of plenty going on in the Folsense of today as well as its rich history. Krantz also tells Beluga that he is no longer entitled to the legendary Herzen treasure of Folsense as he left the town and changed his name a very long time ago.


Krantz gives Professor Layton and Luke the puzzle "Precious Metals".


Krantz works the front desk at the Folsense hotel and has many fond memories of the Herzen family. Over the years, all of the hotel staff fled Folsense, leaving Krantz to run the whole operation by himself.
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