Laurel is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. She also gives you the tea set that you will find in Professor Layton's briefcase throughout the rest of the game. This also gives Layton and Luke the first ingredients: Belle Tart, Oasis Leaf, and Brisk Berry. She is found in the east side of Dropstone. She is a kind elderly women and a genius when it comes to tea.


Laurel gives Layton and Luke a few puzzles during their time in Dropstone. The first puzzle is "It's a Wrap" and "The Trapped Bird".


Laurel is an elderly farmer who tells Luke and Layton all about brewing tea. She has her own herb garden, where she grows many tea ingredients. She can often be found cooing over her pet bird, whose name, incidentally, is Tweets.
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