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Layton's Mystery Journey: Real World Puzzle Solving was an ongoing promotional campaign for the Professor Layton series game Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. The campaign was a joint operation between LEVEL-5 and SCRAP, a company that creates Escape rooms.

In order to answer the puzzles, people needed to visit the website, They may then choose a puzzle and enter the answer in the provided box. All puzzles were in English and expected a single English word as answer.

Most of the puzzles themselves could however not be found on the site itself. Instead, they needed to be found in the real world by physically searching for them. A hint is provided for each puzzle to allow people to locate it. Once a puzzle has been found, the site expected people to post the puzzle on Twitter, so that other people will be able to solve it as well. The website showed the relevant tweets for each puzzle on the bottom, and automatically translated them through Google Translate (a system which the site dubs as "Translayton").

As in all games of the series, solving a puzzle would gain the user a specific amount of picarats. Answering the puzzle with a wrong answer will decrease the amount of picarats that can be earned. Additional picarats will also be awarded depending on how fast the user manages to solve the puzzle. The picarats were only used to show a global ranking of users on the site. Once a puzzle has been solved, it could not be solved again under the same account.

Real World Puzzle Solving closed on December 12, 2017 and the items could no longer be transferred.


Katrielle Layton receives a small package in her office at the Layton Detective Agency. In it, she finds a mysterious box called the "Abstraction Contraption" and a letter directed to her father Hershel. According to the letter, anyone who dares to open the box is said to mysteriously vanish. The writer of the letter, Alan Hathaway, then asks Hershel to solve the mystery of this box.

Since her father is not present, Katrielle decides she will solve the mystery herself. Despite some objections from Sherl, she presses a button on the box; which causes it to project a message. The message proclaims that anyone who can solve the 50 puzzles it has scattered around the globe will obtain the "power to change the world."

In order to find and solve all 50 puzzles, Katrielle decides to ask for the help of all people on the internet.


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Azran Office

Ancient Civilization Office

A series of items can be collected through a roulette. In order to play the roulette, you must have "roulette tickets", which you can get by solving puzzles.

Some of the items can be transferred to the actual game once it releases.

Name Transfer?
1 Kat's pyjamas Yes
2 Ancient civilization walls Yes
3 Ancient civilization flooring Yes
4 Ancient civilization curtains Yes
5 Ancient civilization rug Yes
6 Ancient civilization table Yes
7 Ancient civilization chair Yes
8 Ancient civilization sofa Yes
9 Ancient civilization cushions Yes
10 Large cat cushion No
11 Stuffed striped cat No
12 Cat statue triumvirate No
13 Agency tea set No
14 Luxury liner model No
15 Saveloy film projector No
16 Saveloy film reel No
17 Saveloy film poster No
18 Katrielle's bicycle No
19 Lipski bicky No
20 Lipski house of sweets No
21 Lipski tower of treats No
22 Lipski vase and flowers No
23 Lipski wall clock No
24 Lipski sweets No
25 Lipski's lamp No
26 Lipski's big bear No
27 Agency suitcase No
28 Agency alarm clock No
29 Agency calendar No
30 Agency wireless No
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