Lettie Mailer is a character appearing in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She appears as a witness during the second Witch Trial, due to Emeer mentioning making a request to her.

She is very serious about her Clients Confidentiality and will avoid talking about what she reads on people's letters. However, before she became a mailer, she was a thief and loved gossiping. When she met Newton Belduke, he suggested she become a courier since her only skill was being fast on her feet, and taught her the importance of not giving people's private information away.

Lettie is shown to have a crush on Jean Greyerl before she discovers that she's actually a girl. However, in the credits, there is a scene where Lettie is hiding in the bushes, looking at Jean and holding a love letter and flowers, suggesting that Lettie still likes Jean.


Lettie gives out the puzzle Short Round Ride to Luke Triton. She also gives out the puzzle Puppy Postal Patrol to Maya Fey.


Trivia Edit

  • Her name, Lettie Mailer, is a pun on her occupation as a letter courier, with "Lettie" deriving from letter, "Mailer" deriving from the term of the same name which describes someone who delivers mail.
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