Levin Jakes is a character appearing in Professor Layton and the Last Specter. He is the Chief Constable of the Misthallery Police Force.



Jakes wears a white shirt and blue tie with a yellow-orange jacket and hat.


Despite being chief of police in Misthallery and completely trusted, Jakes seems to abuse his position. He is very greedy, as he only worked for Descole for the money.


Levin Jakes is Misthallery's chief of police in Last Specter. At first, he seems to deserve this position, but can be later doubted.

He is seen talking with Jean Descole, having been hired as a part of Descole's plans. He argues with Descole several times, only to be ridiculed.

Later in the game, his involvement became apparent, as he and his fellow officers captured Loosha and had Arianna Barde arrested.

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Jakes getting stuck in the pipe

He is eventually stopped when Descole activates the machines and starts terrorizing the townspeople. He flees from the town square along with the other citizens, pushing them out the way. He looks as if he has escaped; however, one of Descole's machines throws him into one of the old water pipes, where he becomes stuck. It is implied by Inspector Grosky in the episode "I, of the Yard" that Jakes is arrested and brought back to London.


  • It is noted that Jakes has similarities with Jurassic Park villain Dennis Nedry, as both have a similar appearance. Like Nedry, Jakes turns his back on his employer and captures a rare creature for money (Jakes captures Loosha while Nedry stole dinosaur embryos). Nedry was working for a rival amusement park while Jakes was in league with Descole. Both are greedy and liars.


US Version

Chief Jakes of the Misthallery police force was known as "Third Eye Jakes." He is really quite intimidating, something which he used to his advantage in his work.

UK Version

Chief Constable Jakes of the Misthallery police force was once thought to possess incredible deductive powers, until he was exposed as a fraud. His tremendous weight is really quite intimidating, something which he uses to his advantage in his work.

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