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File 10: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure: Episode 1File 11: The Stolen KissFile 12: The Battle of Hastings
File 13: Katrielle and the DoppelgängerFile 14: Genius Analyst Officer Emiliana PerfettiFile 15: Katrielle and the Mystery Circles
File 16: Katrielle and the Pandas' MarchFile 17: Katrielle and the Monster of LondonFile 18: The Molentary Express with Three Incidents
File 19: Ghost BustedFile 1: Katrielle and the Mysterious HouseFile 20: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure: Episode 2
File 21: Katrielle and the Sweet-Scented Street LabyrinthFile 22: Ultra-High Performance Robot SocketmanFile 23: Katrielle and the Great Office Infiltration Strategy
File 24: The Hand That FeedsFile 25: Murder on the ThamesFile 26: The Importance of Being Ernest
File 27: Katrielle Layton: Wanted!File 28: The Goddess of the ThamesFile 29: Katrielle and the Nessie of Loch Nem
File 2: Katrielle and the Diabolical DressFile 30: Katrielle and the Immortal VampireFile 31: Katrielle and the Witch Wife
File 32: Katrielle and the Prince of the StarsFile 33: Katrielle and the Murder on the Spaceship BengarianFile 34: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure: Episode 3
File 35: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure: Episode 4File 36: The Cursed London CollectionFile 37: Mintan's New Ambition
File 38: The Scotland Yard Bayside ShakedownFile 39: Katrielle and the Invisible BabyFile 3: Katrielle and the Resurrected Corpses
File 40: Emiliana and the Final CustomerFile 41: Katrielle and the Strange Spirit PhotoFile 42: Great Detective Sherl O.C. Kholmes
File 43: Katrielle and Horror Castle VRFile 44: Katrielle and the Superman ChefFile 45: Katrielle and the Ghost Club
File 46: Katrielle and the Hundred Faces of Mona LisaFile 47: Diamonds Aren't Forever (part 1)File 48: Diamonds Aren't Forever (part 2)
File 49: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure: Episode 5File 4: Katrielle and the Phantom Thief of the CenturyFile 50: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure: Final Episode
File 5: Katrielle and the Lucky ManFile 6: Katrielle and the Bus Beyond TimeFile 7: Ratman Returns
File 8: An Unexpected WindfallFile 9: Pet PandemoniumFile No. 000: Freshly Baker
File No. 001: The Hand SandwichFile No. 002: The Bungled BurglaryFile No. 003: A Murder Staged
File No. 004: The Walking CorpseFile No. 005: The DJ's SwansongFile No. 006: Kiss Goodbye
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