Lord Maximilian Richmond was a multimillionaire who is mentioned in Case 12: Diamonds Aren't Forever of the game Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy and in File 47 and 48 of Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files.


Lord Richmond was a member of a rich family who lived at Richmond Court in London. Unfortunately he suffered from big debts. Once he discovered a mine full of diamonds, deep under the ground of the Rosenberg. But he knew that if he was the legal owner of the mine, any money he made would disappear on repaying his debts. So he relinquished his claim on the land deliberately and arranged for the Seven Dragons of London to discover the diamonds, because he did not want the money squandered on personal loans but wished it as an investment for the city of London.

The Dragons tried to return the mine to Richmond for without the money from the diamonds, the family faced certain ruin. They tried desperately to save him by giving the mine and the diamonds back, but he steadfastly refused. Cesar Chance then invented the Richmond legend for he could not bear for the Richmond family to be associated with financial ruin. He concocted a story about a great fortune hidden somewhere in the Richmond's court. Shortly thereafter, the Lord became ill and died.

Ten years later, it is revealed that the Lord's grandson, Miles Richmond, did not know about the Lord's decision to give the mine to the Dragons, but instead was convinced that the Dragons had stolen the mine from him and that the diamonds were now rightfully his actually. When Miles' mother died, Miles promised her to take revenge on the Dragons and so he tried: he invented all the Dragons to take place in a puzzle game that he hosted under the name Lord Adamas. When one of them would win, he or she would get the legendary Richmond fortune that he had supposedly discovered. But is they would lose, he would get all their money and the Dragons would be ruined. Knowing it was all a play, the Dragons participated in the game but they all loosed it. Thanks to Katrielle Layton however, Miles learned the truth about the diamonds and regretted his actions. The Dragons forgave him and did not loose their money after all.


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