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"No puzzle can stop Layton's apprentice!"
— Luke after solving a puzzle

Luke Triton is the deuteragonist of the Professor Layton series. He is the son of Professor Layton's friend Clark Triton and is the professor's self-proclaimed apprentice.



Luke is a pre-teen boy, usually depicted wearing a blue-grey cardigan and flat cap, contrasting light brown hair, with peach skin, rosy cheeks and a wisp of hair hanging between his black eyes. He resembles his mother Brenda.

For the first trilogy, Luke wears a white-collar shirt, blue-grey cardigan, viridian shorts with brown falling suspenders, white socks, brown Mary Janes and a blue-grey flat cap and has light brown hair. He also carries a large, brown leather satchel that contains a notebook.

In Last Specter, he wore a long-sleeved white shirt with blue shorts and green suspenders. He retained the satchel, shoes, socks and blue cap, but in the prequel trilogy, it has a little button on the top of it and is slightly taller. During Miracle Mask, Luke also wears a blue waistcoat over his shirt with viridian shorts and during Azran Legacy, he also wears a blue-grey cardigan.

Like his mentor, Luke very rarely takes his cap off; he is seen without it only four times during the series. In Eternal Diva, there is a scene in which Oswald knocks it off, he wakes up without it on during a cutscene of Miracle Mask, he is shown not wearing it during a credits image of Unwound Future, and also another credits image in Last Specter.

As seen in the Miracle Mask, Luke also wears light blue pajamas at night.

In the Layton Mystery Detective Agency anime, Luke wears a blue coat over an orange vest and white shirt and has light blue pants and brown shoes. His cap has been replaced with a blue fedora. He is slightly taller but still shorter compared to Layton's height.


Luke is a studious, sensible, caring, slightly shy, pure and gold hearted and cheerful boy. He loves to resolve any kind of puzzles, and he often has an optimist point of view about things. Since he was born with the ability to speak with animals, he gets along with them easily except if they are controlled by someone else, as in the case of the wolves in Eternal Diva. By the age of thirteen, it is commented that his abilities are enough to rival those of adults. He has a huge amount of respect for his mentor and best friend the professor Layton, and he wants to be like him. Luke tries to learn Layton's teachings and longs to be a gentleman like Layton. While he is polite, heartfelt good and well-mannered all the time, due to being still a kid, he is prone to lose his temper or act imprudently. Despite that, he tends to be very self-conscious, and is always ready to correct his mistakes. Similar to most children his age, he can let out a cheeky comment when he needs to and he also loves to eat, in his own words, "has a legendary appetite". Luke loves to be Layton's sidekick in the adventures where they go to resolve mysteries.

Because Luke has tremendous respect and cares so much for Layton, he tends to become mildly insecure that he seems to be dependent on him fearing that he might let him down to the point that when Layton leaves Luke to run an errand on his own, Luke worries and hesitates however on more than one occasion he has shown himself to be independent even without Layton and that his is only a form of mild insecurity but not dependence and has been proven: even before he met him again as a "grown-up" it was Luke with the help of Toppy (and Descole behind the scenes) who organized the evacuation of people in Last Specter, he tried to protect Janice in Eternal Diva and to save her, he first sacrificed his life for the world in Azran Legacy, in the crossover he tries to catch the mysterious individual at the market, he has twice driven three machines by himself: the false specter machinery, has showed everyone the Labyrinthia machinery and the new machinery in the New World of Steam, although under Layton's directives, for the first two, on where to find them, in the anime he demonstrated many acts of independence and resourcefulness. The fact that he cares so much for the professor is further highlighted in Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, when he believes that Layton has been turned into a golden statue and that there was no remedy at the time. Phoenix comments that he heard Luke fall asleep sobbing, and the next day Luke testifies against Maya in a blind attempt to bring the case to justice, despite their previous friendship and during the trial, he regularly had emotional outbursts due to grief. In Unwound Future, he gets upset when he thinks Layton does not think they are everlasting friends but is quickly corrected by him that he did not mean it. Later, Luke expresses his concern that he will no longer be friends with Layton forever, as he will have to move to America with his parents, but Layton reassures him that theirs is an eternal and true friendship that not even distance, time, or the departure of either of them will ever break, and that they both share a deep bond that will always bring them together, confirming that Layton does not consider Luke to be just a friend, but a best friend and godson on par with the writer's friendship and bond with the boy.

Luke is also open with his emotions and has no problem showing them. He is prone to cry whenever he feels sad or has to say goodbye to one of his friends as happened with Aurora, Emmy, and Layton, and he also tends to get emotional in front of something really very beautiful like Janice's voice, and her performance, and Melina's "goodbye." During Unwound Future, Luke shows concern for his future after finding out that he has to move to America, which means he will not see Layton again for a long time. This made him sad to the point of running away, but after Layton assured him that theirs is an eternal and true friendship in which even time, distance and departure can never break and separate because of the deep bond between them, he is happy again. Luke is proud to be Layton's apprentice and proclaims that "no puzzle can stop Layton's apprentice." Because of his good manners and pure and good heart, he has a strong sense of justice and morality. Luke is also kind to people and likes to make new friends; moreover, he repeatedly shows that he is able to forgive those who have hurt him and become attached to these people, as happened with Randall, Emmy, Clive and Descole. Luke is also very fond of the professor who considers him a second father as well as a mentor and best friend, and the same goes for the professor who loves him on par with a biological son to the extent that he calls him: "my boy" (an appellation given only to people toward whom one feels such a strong and deep affection and bond that it is equal to that of a son), and many people during their adventures mistake them for father and son: even Descole in Azran Legacy, says that it does not matter much to him if Luke gets hurt (which is proven not true since it protects him afterwards), but he is aware that it is important to Layton, which gives us evidence of how close they both are to each other.

In addition to respecting and caring for Layton, Luke is very fond of Flora, as evidenced by their interactions in Diabolical Box and Unwound Future. Although they bicker from time to time, their relationship is usually very pleasant and brotherly. Luke enjoys showing her around the fair in Dropstone in Diabolical Box and sympathizes with her distress over being left behind in Unwound Future. Both times that Flora gets kidnapped, Luke is deeply upset and angry, and he actively tries to prevent it from happening in Unwound Future. The two children are best friends sharing a brotherly bond.


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Early life[]

Presumably, Luke was born in London to Clark and Brenda. Later, he moved to Misthallery with his parents, where he lived until Last Specter.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter[]

When Professor Layton and Emmy arrive at Misthallery, they find out that Luke was the one who sent the letter,

Tumblr lrhlhqr7em1qb05nj (1)

Luke meeting Layton for the first time.

not Clark. He says that the end is near because of the specter appearing in the town. His relationship with his father had declined rapidly recently. He joins the professor and Emmy as they investigate Misthallery for clues.

As shown by a flashback, he met Arianna Barde at a dinner party which he and his parents had been invited to at the Barde household. She brought him outside to the balcony, where they gazed at the stars and properly introduced themselves. He also attempted to console her when her father died the year before but was rejected.

It is shown that the one causing menace was none other than Jean Descole under disguise as the Tritons' butler,

Luke specters flute

"No, nothing yet."

Doland Noble. He had kidnapped Brenda and Doland, locking them in the Tritons' basement, and used the guise to tell Luke lies about his father.

Afterwards they fight against Descole's machine; Luke is shown to be riding at the back of Loosha to go to the dam. When a makeshift catapult that Layton builds fail to stop the machine, they are cornered. But luckily, Loosha had managed to destroy the dam's first set of floodgates. Layton, Luke, Emmy, Arianna and Tony managed to run to safety in a building, while Descole's machine short-circuited.

Loosha then begins to break down the dam's secondary flood gates, but Arianna tries to get Loosha to stop, as it will flood the entire town. Loosha doesn't listen, and breaks through the gate, while Layton and the rest take to higher ground, as the town floods. Loosha proceeds to lead them through the open gate and into the reservoir, now drained completely, where they find a strange hole, sealed off with a golden cover. Once opened, Loosha guides them through a tunnel to the Golden Garden, the sacred place that Descole attempted to acquire.

However, once inside, Loosha collapses, because she had used all of her strength to break through the flood gates. Arianna and Tony try to comfort Loosha, but to no avail, as she dies and slides into the vast lake below. Luke and Arianna begin to think of the good that has come out of this, and Layton says that Loosha brought Arianna to the Golden Garden because the air is pure, and it could heal Arianna's illness. Luke then tells Arianna that in her last words, Loosha said "thank you" to Arianna and Tony for the years they spent together. Arianna then plays her ocarina as a tribute to Loosha.

In the end, Arianna thanks Luke and the others because she realized that she has learned a lot from them and about friendship. In the post-credits cutscenes, she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva[]

In the present day, Layton and Luke solve the mystery of the theft of Big Ben, deducing the culprit to be Don Paolo. Following this resolution, the pair return to Layton's office, where they listen to "The Eternal Diva", a record by Janice Quatlane, prompting them to recall one of their earliest adventures together from three years ago.

Layton is invited by Janice to attend an opera in which she is performing. Janice believes recent strange occurrences are somehow connected to the opera: in addition to girls disappearing from London, the opera's composer Oswald Whistler has recently adopted a young girl who has claimed to be Whistler's deceased daughter, and Janice's friend, Melina. Layton and Luke attend the opera at the Crown Petone opera house. Once the opera has finished, a mystery man informs the audience that they are to play a game, the winner of which will receive Eternal Life.

The Crown Petone is revealed to be a ship, which breaks off from the cliffs and sets sail to isolate the "game", after which the mystery man unveils a series of timed puzzles intended to progressively eliminate the players until one winner remains. The first two puzzles challenge the players to find "the oldest thing they can see", then go where they can "see the largest crown", but Layton quickly deduces the answers (the sky and the Crown Petone itself, respectively) along with nine other players. To "see the largest crown", the group leaves the ship in two lifeboats, rowing out to a distance from which they can see the whole ship, at which point the lifeboats start moving on their own, taking the successful players to their next destination.

The next morning, the group finds that the boats have brought them to an island. Discovering a sculpted stone seal, Marco Brock realizes that they have discovered Ambrosia. Evading wolves as they make their way towards the castle at the center of the island, Layton, Luke and Janice become separated from the rest of the group and manage to a makeshift helicopter that allows them to fly to the castle. There, they solve the fourth and final puzzle that directs them to the final room of the contest, but Layton leaves Luke, Janice and two other contestants (Brock and Amelia Ruth) to enter it while he explores the rest of the castle.

Oswald Whistler is behind everything, having conspired with Jean Descole to abduct girls from London and use the Detragan to "program" them with his dead daughter's memories in order to resurrect her. This is the fate that befell Nina, and it's what Whistler has planned for Amelia until Layton explains that Janice was also a victim to Whistler's experiments, and that unbeknownst to Whistler, he had succeeded. Janice was "possessed" by Melina's memories and had invited Layton to stop her father from hurting any more girls, at which point Descole reveals himself to be the true mastermind, having always intended to use the Detragan with Melina's voice to combine the melodies hidden in the Seal of Ambrosia to raise the lost kingdom. Melina complies, but when Ambrosia does not rise after two attempts (Both involving Descole playing A Song of the Stars and Melina singing A Song of the Sea), Descole loses patience and resorts to drastic measures. The Detragan destroys the castle, unveiling and becoming the controls of a gigantic robot called the Detra-Gigant, which Descole uses in an attempt to uncover Ambrosia by force.

Melina tries to stop Descole, who knocks her away, causing her to fall over the side of the robot, leaving her holding on. Upon seeing this, Luke pleads to save her from falling. While Luke rescues Melina, Layton duels with Descole on top of the Detra-Gigant, and reveals that Descole had overlooked a third melody hidden in the seal (A Song of the Sun, revealed by turning the seal upside-down). Again, Melina sings as Layton plays on the Detragan's organ, and this time, Ambrosia rises, infuriating Descole. He lunges at Layton, but damages the control panel instead, throwing the Detra-Gigant out of control and causing it to damage itself, but Luke, Layton, and Melina manage to escape the collapsing machine before it self-destructs. In the aftermath of the island's rise Melina tells her father that she will always be with him and that one day they will meet again (and that makes it understood in heaven), and after greeting the professor, Janice's and Luke, Melina leaves Janice's body and ascends to heaven with Layton and Luke wonder if Melina could have been a reincarnation of the queen of Ambrosia.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask[]

During the beginning cutscene of Miracle Mask, Luke is shown walking with the professor down Carnival Boulevard, during a parade. He is talking with Layton about how the city of Monte d'Or developed so fast. They then talk about how impressive the city is, with all of its colorful lights and many sounds. Layton makes a comment about going to see Angela, and the cutsceane ends. They then run into Stumble, the clown. They help him with his balloon predicament, and then continue on their way. Soon thereafter, the Masked Gentleman makes his first appearance. They try to chase him down, but to no avail. They then got to see Angela, where she and Layton discuss the Masked Gentleman, the Mask of Chaos, and their old friend, Randall, and then go to their hotel room, graciously donated by Henry Ledore, Layton's old childhood friend. That night, when they arrive at the hotel, Luke and Emmy inquire about Hershel's connection to Randall, since he was the last person in possession of the Mask of Chaos and therefore might have something to do with the case. Layton tells his story to them, and they go to bed. 

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Professor Layton and the Curious Village[]

The game opens with Professor Hershel Layton and his young assistant Luke driving to the town of St. Mystere, summoned by a letter from Lady Dahlia, widow of the late Baron Augustus Reinhold. The Baron stated in his last will and testament that whoever solves the mystery of the Golden Apple will inherit his fortune, and several people have attempted and failed. The two enter the town and find that most of the population is fond of puzzles and brain teasers, which both Layton and Luke are adept at solving. They see a large, haphazard tower that occupies one side of town that no one can get to; people hear strange noises emanating from it at night. Layton and Luke meet Lady Dahlia and other family members, including Simon, Gordon, and the family servants. Before they can discuss the mystery further, a loud exploding sound is heard, and Dahlia's cat, Claudia flees out of the door. Layton and Luke chase Claudia through town, solving puzzles along the way. Meanwhile, a strange soot-covered man plots a deadly plan against the heroes. Eventually they discover the cat's fondness for fish and tempt her back with one. Upon returning to the mansion, Layton and Luke find that Simon has been murdered and the case is already under investigation by Inspector Chelmey, a renowned detective. Chelmey initially suspects the two, but their alibi holds up. He lets them go but tells them to stay out of the murder investigation. However, Matthew tells Layton about a small gearwheel that he found in the room near Simon's body.

As Layton and Luke continue their search for the Golden Apple, they witness the kidnapping of one of Dahlia's servants, Ramon. A strange man stuffs Ramon into a bag; they give chase but are unable to catch him, though they do find another gearwheel similar to the one before. However, they are befuddled as Ramon is back the next day as if nothing had happened. They continue to explore the town and check the looming tower that everyone had been telling them to stay away from but are eventually led to the town's abandoned amusement park by a young girl. As they explore the Ferris wheel, the sinister figure from earlier uses a remote to tear the wheel from its moorings, sending it rolling after Layton and Luke. They barely escape as the wheel smashes through a locked building. Exploring the wreckage, they find a key shaped similarly to the tower, and Layton gets an idea of what's going on in the village. The two return to face Chelmey, who Layton realizes is an impostor. The man reveals himself as Layton's self-proclaimed archenemy, Don Paolo, who is seeking the Golden Apple for himself and who tried to use the Ferris wheel to knock Layton out of the picture. Paolo escapes before Layton can capture him. Luke asks the professor who Don Paolo is and why he wants revenge. Layton knows Don Paolo's reputation as an evil scientific genius but has no idea why Don Paolo hates him, implying that the two have never met before.

With Luke in tow, Layton heads for the tower, using the key to unlock a secret wall in a dead end. Inside, they discover the man that previously had kidnapped Ramon, who is named Bruno. With Bruno's help, Layton discovers the truth: all the residents of St. Mystere are robots, created by the Baron and Bruno to challenge the wits of anyone seeking the Golden Apple, hence their shared obsession with puzzles. Simon has not died, only malfunctioned; similarly, Bruno collected Ramon in order to perform repairs. Having solved the puzzle of St. Mystere, Layton and Luke climb the tower, solving more puzzles and meeting minor characters along the way. Eventually, the pair reaches the top of the tower, and much to their surprise, find a beautifully kept cottage there. Inside, the young girl from before awaits. She reveals herself as Flora Reinhold, the only daughter of the Baron. The Baron actually died years ago (not two months ago as Layton and Luke were initially told), leaving Flora an orphan. She is the "Golden Apple" that the robots were protecting until she became an adult.

Layton's triumph is short-lived as Don Paolo returns in a flying machine and starts demolishing the tower. Luke escapes down the stairs, but Layton is forced to improvise a glider to take Flora and himself to safety as the tower collapses. Don Paolo, with his machine malfunctioning, drops a bag containing the stolen Simon. The villain swears revenge and leaves, and the three reach the town safely. As Flora hugs the Professor and laughs, an apple-like birthmark can be seen on her shoulder. As they regroup at the Reinhold manor, Layton realizes that there is more to the treasure than just Flora, as the birthmark points to the Baron's riches. Luke finds a switch on the portrait of Flora in the same location as her birthmark which leads to a secret room filled with gold.

A voice recording from the Baron, intended for those who solved the mystery, congratulates Layton. The voice tells Flora to take the treasure, explaining that if it is taken, all the robots will stop functioning. Flora opts to leave it as a way to repay the robots for their services in protecting her and her new friends. As the game ends, Layton, Luke, and Flora leave St. Mystere without the treasure, allowing the residents to continue on with their lives.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box[]

Layton and Luke visit Layton's mentor, Dr. Schrader, who claims to have found the Elysian Box that is fabled to kill anyone that opens it. When the pair arrive at Schrader's home, they find him unresponsive on the floor, and the Box is missing, with only a ticket stub for the Molentary Express as a clue to its disappearance. Layton and Luke purchase their own tickets for the Express. They are followed by Inspector Chelmey, who is seeking Schrader's murderer, and Flora, who secretly tailed the two aboard the train. Aboard the train, they encounter Mr. Beluga, the founder of the rail-line.

Layton and Luke help to resolve an incident aboard the train of a missing boy named Tom, who is later revealed to be a dog. This discovery coincides with Layton and Luke's discovery of Flora's presence on the train. The train makes an extended stop at the town of Dropstone where the citizens are celebrating its 50th anniversary. While Layton and Luke explore, Flora is captured by Layton's archrival, Don Paolo. Layton learns that Dropstone's founder, Sophia, was also interested in the Elysian Box up to last year and her death, and that her granddaughter Katia now also seems interested in finding it, though her father, Mr. Anderson, disagrees about her leaving. Don Paolo disguises himself as Flora, having locked the real Flora in a barn, and rejoins Layton as they reboard the train along with Katia.

The train continues on, and the train's conductor, Sammy Thunder, places sleep-inducing flowers in the train's VIP car, where Layton, Luke, and the disguised Don Paolo fall asleep for the remainder of the journey. As they sleep, the car is switched to a different track and left at an abandoned station. The three wake up and find themselves at Folsense, a town mentioned in Schrader's diary as where the Elysian Box originated. They are briefly struck with a wave of nausea before entering the festive town and meeting its odd inhabitants. Don Paolo, still posing as Flora, takes his leave of Layton and Luke at the hotel, which was disguised among the flashy buildings. The pair explore the town, learning that it was once a successful gold mining town under the kind leadership of Duke Herzen and, later, his sons Anton and Fredrich after his passing. By the greed of gold, Duke Herzen continued to dig the mine, and eventually it became a great crater under the duke's castle. Layton and Luke learn of events 50 years ago when a new ore was discovered in the mine. That caused most of the town to evacuate and form the town of Dropstone; Fredrich left with his part of the family fortune and founding the Molentary Express, changing his name to Mr. Beluga. Later on, Duke Herzen passed on leaving the responsibility to Anton. The mine was sealed, and Anton created a rumor that he was a vampire.

Layton and Luke return to the hotel, where Inspector Chelmey has arrived. Chelmey comes to the incorrect conclusion that Sammy was the thief, but because of an offhand remark from Flora, Layton sees through Don Paolo's disguise and reveals that he was the true thief that had stolen the Elysian box. Don Paolo is captured and taken away by Chelmey, but he promptly escapes despite being pursued by the inspector. Layton and Luke open the Elysian Box with no ill effects and find that it is empty, leading to more questions as to its value and legend. They again encounter Katia and decide to visit the Herzen manor built over the mine. There, the remarkably young Anton says little about the Elysian box and invites them to stay the night. Later, Anton ties up Layton and Luke and locks them in a storeroom, revealing that he really is a vampire as rumored. However, they easily escape, and it becomes clear that Anton merely created the rumor to stop people from looting the gold.

Though Luke is eager to leave the castle, Layton realizes that searching the castle is the only way to learn the truth of the Elysian box. While searching the castle, they encounter Katia once again. They learn that Sophia was once betrothed to Anton, but left Folsense for the love of another. Anton finds them and mistakes Katia for Sophia and thinks that Layton is attempting to steal his beloved away. Enraged, he challenges Layton to a sword fight. Eventually Katia explains that Sophia didn't betray Anton for another man, but rather left Folsense to protect her unborn daughter, Katia's mother, from the gas from the mine. Once Katia explains that she is Anton's granddaughter, and Sophia had died the previous year, Anton becomes even more enraged and begins to swing his sword around wildly. Anton's actions cause the manor to start to crumble. They flee the manor in time as it falls into the mine.

As the crumbles of the bricks and the pieces of the rocks seal the crater, the mysterious gas vanishes. Anton begins to change into an old man, and Folsense's appearance transforms into that of an old, desolate village. Layton explains that fifty years ago, the workers in the mine hit a vein of hallucinogenic gas that altered the residents' perception of the village and, in some cases, caused their imaginings to become reality. This gas was also probably what caused Layton, Luke, and Don Paolo the wave of nausea back at the station. The "legend" of the Elysian Box is a result of the trace amounts of gas inside of the ore that the box is made of, causing the curse to become a reality when those who opened it believed that they would die. Away from the mine, Anton has reverted to his true form and his vision of the village at its height has disappeared. Anton, regaining his sanity, reveals that he had made the box with a secret compartment only he and Sophia knew how to open. The key to opening the box is the riddle "The sun rises when you and I meet, and when the wind blows, you will know my heart". He had tried to send the box to Sophia after her founding of Dropstone for the evacuees from Folsense, but the box was stolen so many times due to its legendary status, he gave up hope. Layton and Luke help Anton open the secret compartment to find that Sophia had indeed received Anton's message and left her own in its place just before her death, explaining her love for him, why she left him, and that Katia is his granddaughter. Anton vows to spend the rest of his days loving Katia as much as he did Sophia.

The group return to Dropstone, where Anton is reunited with his brother, Mr. Beluga, and Layton and Luke rescue the real Flora from the barn where Don Paolo trapped her. As they return to London, Layton is happy to discover that Schrader, having only been in a deep coma, quickly recovered from his exposure to the gas.

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney[]

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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future[]

Layton and Luke are invited to witness a demonstration of a time machine built by Dr. Alain Stahngun. However, the experiment goes awry, causing the disappearance of Stahngun and the prime minister, Bill Hawks. A week later, as numerous scientists have been reported missing, Layton and Luke receive a letter purporting to be from Luke ten years in the future, leading the two to a quaint clock shop in the London back alleys. Inside, the old couple show the two another time machine, which allegedly takes them to a drastically changed quasi-steam punk London ten years from their present, where they meet the Future Luke. He explains that in this future, Layton had become the head of a mafia-like mob known as the Family and took control of London and decides to assist him. After briefly returning to the past to look up some files pertaining to an accident which claimed the life of his girlfriend, Claire, ten years ago, Layton and Luke return to the future London, inadvertently bringing Flora, Inspector Chelmey and his assistant Barton with him. As the group investigates the whereabouts of Future Layton, Luke is reminded that he will soon be moving with his parents.

Arriving at the tower, the group learn that the Future Layton is Dr. Stahngun, whose true identity is Dimitri Allen. He reveals to have taken Bill hostage, revealing that they, along with Claire whom he also had feelings for, were working on a time machine ten years ago, but Bill's desire for money led to the accident that claimed Claire's life. This led to Dimitri's dedication to build a working time machine and return to the past so he can save Claire's life. He attempts to trap Layton, but this is foiled by the fact that Layton had gained the assistance of Don Paolo, who also had feelings for Claire. Together they infiltrate Dimitri's base of operations to free the other scientists, where Layton encounters Claire's near-identical sister, Celeste, who assists them. As everyone gathers at the Thames Arms restaurant, where Dimitri is also waiting for them, Layton manages to deduce that they are not actually in the future, but in a pseudo-replica of London build underground. He also deduces that Dimitri is but a pawn compared to the true mastermind, who is revealed to be the Future Luke, whose true identity is Clive, a boy who sought revenge against Dimitri and Bill and London in general as the explosion that killed Claire also took his parents away from him.

Kidnapping Flora, Clive escapes to his moving fortress, the true purpose behind kidnapping the scientists, which he brings to the surface to attack London. With help from Don Paolo, Layton and Luke manage to board the fortress and free Flora, later joined by Celeste. After deducing that they need to reverse the flow of power from the generator, they discover Bill is attached to the generator, wired to a bomb.

With thanks to Claire's old watch, they manage to reroute the bomb, free Bill and reverse the power flow of the fortress, causing it to collapse. After using Don Paolo's modified Laytonmobile to get everyone to the ground, where Chelmey manages to evacuate the underground citizens, Layton returns to help Celeste rescue Clive from the fortress before it falls down into the fake London and explodes.

In the end, Luke boards a ship with his parents. As he greets Professor Layton, he begins to cry. The professor reassures him that it is not goodbye and tells him that "a gentleman never makes a scene in public." Luke cries out that he is not yet a gentleman and cries in Layton's arms with Layton crying along with him.

Professor Layton and the New World of Steam[]

Luke invites Professor Layton to join him in America one year after the events of "Professor Layton and the Unwound Future". While Layton is for once unknown, Luke has already solved various mysteries around the town of Steam Bison, and has gained the reputation of "Detective Luke".

Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure[]

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Professor Layton's London Life[]

Luke talks to the player about Flora's disappearance. He tells them that he is very worried, and requests that they both search for her in the abandoned house. When they can't find her, Luke frets even more, even going to the extremes of suggesting Flora's kidnappers were fairies.

In the roundabout park, Luke suspects Flora has been kidnapped by the Family. He soon thinks otherwise when he returns to Gressenheller University with Layton. At the end of the game, Layton gives Luke a talk about personal growth. The professor annoys Luke, saying he knows about the so-called 'comet' because the fairy messengers told him. Luke gets quite angry, especially when Layton leaves without him.

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  • Luke's surname, Triton, could be a reference to Layton's first name, Hershel, as it may have been chosen for John Herschel, an English astronomer who wrote to William Lassell after Neptune's discovery to suggest that he search for possible moons. Lassell did so and discovered Triton. If so, this would link both Luke and Layton's names.


  • He is shown to be ten years old in Last Specter, eleven in Miracle Mask, and twelve in Azran Legacy. This would make him around twelve and a half years old in the Curious Village and Diabolic Box. In Unwound Future, he is thirteen years old (Japanese dialogue in the Unwound Future confirms he is 13 at that point). Since the New World of Steam takes place a year after the Unwound Future, he would be around fourteen years old in the New World of Steam
  • In Eternal Diva, winter is shown to have been passing in the prologue, as Luke is seen with Layton while wearing coats as snow falls around them. Most of the prologue, however, is set in the spring. This prologue takes place sometime after Azran Legacy and Curious Village, as Luke is seen wearing his outfit from the sequel games here, and his outfit from the prequel games in the movie's earlier storyline itself. As well, he is also already Layton's self-proclaimed apprentice in this prologue; Flora appears later on as well, during a scene where they reveal Don Paolo as a culprit. That would imply at least one winter passed since Luke changed to his outfit in the sequel games, and before the epilogue of Eternal Diva (while Luke is around 12 and half years old in Curious Village).
  • Luke re-appears as an adult in Layton Mystery Detective Agency: Kat's Mystery-Solving Files, beginning with File 10: Professor Layton and the Relics Treasure: Episode 1. In a flashback to eleven years ago, he is shown as an adult of about 25 years, while Katrielle is shown to be around ten. In a subsequent flashback, Luke is shown at the age of 15 at the time of Katrielle's birth. In the present timeline, therefore, he would be around 34-36 years old, while Katrielle is around 21. However, due to being cryogenically frozen for eleven years, he is instead still 25, physically and mentally. This is confirmed by Marina saying that while he laid sleeping, she aged eleven years more than him.
    • The now "adult" Luke is also seen in the opening theme of the anime itself, standing next to Professor Layton.


  • In the same anime episode he first re-appeared in, he is shown with his wife, Marina. Official information from the Layton anime twitter (Japanese) mentions like Professor Layton and Luke did before, Luke and his wife solved mysteries together.
  • Starting at the end of Last Specter Luke has been with the professor in London, counting the full year of the Eternal Diva flashback where it was both spring and winter and where Flora and Chelmey appear, 5 and half years to then move to America, return to London for a year to entrust newborn Katrielle to the professor, return to America and then return at an unspecified time to live in London.
  • In Last Specter, Layton recalls to Clark having seen Luke when he was younger. Though the US, UK, and certain other localized versions implied Layton hadn't seen him since he was a baby, the lines in the original Japanese version are different, instead with Layton asking: "By the way, Clark. How are that beautiful wife you are proud of and your cute son doing?". Clark mentioned: "My son, Luke, is in his room"; it's only after then Layton begins using Luke's name, by saying: "Would it be possible to meet Luke? I only met him when he was a baby". The possible implication of this exchange in the original Japanese is that Layton had only nearly met Luke once while he was a baby, and not when he was older (also, it seemed he didn't actually know Luke's name).
  • In Curious Village, it is mentioned that he is learning to play the violin, and in Last Specter, his violin is lying on the floor next to his bed. When it’s tapped, he says that he’s been playing all his life.
  • In the anime, he states that he learned karate while studying in America.
  • In Unwound Future Luke says he was born and spent his entire life in London. This is not entirely true, as he spent part of his life pre-Last Specter at Misthallery, though it's possible he was born in London and then moved to Misthallery. It is also possible that this is retconned information due to Last Specter having released after Unwound Future.


  • In Diabolical Box, Luke's choice of tea is Oasis Berry, since he likes sweet things. In Curious Village he states he does not like tea, but this statement is contradicted multiple times in later games.
  • He loves teddy bears. In Unwound Future, clicking on a teddy in the Toy Shop prompts Luke to claim he is too old for them.
  • He enjoys reading, especially mysteries such as Sherlock Holmes.
  • He is afraid of ghosts and being exposed to near-death situations (e.g. crossing broken bridges). He is not fond of clowns. Also, in Unwound Future, it is stated he is afraid of needles/receiving shots.
  • He is a voracious eater; both Professor Layton and Flora comment on his enormous appetite more than once during the series. This same trait would later be also shared by Emmy Altava and Katrielle Layton.
  • An episode in Last Specter reveals that Luke's favorite meal is roast lamb.
    • However in Curious Village, during the reveal with the fake Inspector Chelmey, Luke can answer incorrectly by saying "A Sandwich on buttered bread". This prompts Layton to say Luke confused the inspector's favorite food with his own.


  • Luke appears on another game called Inazuma Eleven (another game franchise of LEVEL-5) and appears on a team called the Layton Team, but it is only a brief appearance and his team may not be even challenged. This team includes Professor Layton, Luke, Flora, Don Paolo, Inspector Chelmey and Anton Herzen.


  • Luke narrates Curious Village, Unwound Future and Eternal Diva.
  • The character Duke appears to be based on him.
  • According to dialogue from Last Specter and Miracle Mask, he inherited his ability to talk to animals from his father, Clark.
  • At the end of Unwound Future, Luke has his own version of the Layton top hat seal seen on the title of every game in the series.
  • In the last clip in Last Specter, Arianna gives Luke a kiss on the cheek as proof they will meet again. It marked the second kiss in the series, and the first if the games are laid out in chronological order.
  • Despite Flora being better known as the damsel in distress, surprisingly Luke himself has been kidnapped (or at least held hostage) four times while Flora was only kidnapped twice. Flora was kidnapped by Don Paolo in Diabolical Box and by Clive in Unwound Future. Luke was held hostage by Oswald Whistler (and Jean Descole's men) in Eternal Diva, kidnapped by the Masked Gentleman in Miracle Mask, held hostage again by Emmy Altava in Azran Legacy, and held hostage along with Layton by Anton in Diabolical Box.
  • Luke isn't usually seen doing anything outside of his work with Layton, but a comment he makes during the rabbit minigame, "We call that a 'forward roll' in gym class," implies that he does attend school along with his apprenticeship.
  • On a TV segment dedicated to Lani Minella in 2011, she is seen reading and playing one of Luke's monologues.
  • Luke's grown-up garb, the outfit worn by the adult Luke in the anime, was added as an additional outfit in the Deluxe Edition of Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy.