Macaw is a minor character from Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. He is a member of the Targent agency and is usually seen with his partner Robin.



The agent appears in numerous locations in Azran Legacy whilst working for Targent. They are tasked with finding the Azran eggs.

Macaw  first appears in Froenborg as he and Robin failed to break through the glass leading into the cave. They attempted to use fire and brute force. When Layton and co. finally open it, Robin attempts to take all the credit, but Macaw leaves to inform Bronev. This briefly seperates the two.

Macaw returns when Layton and Luke board the Targent Airship. In order to stop them, he gives them a puzzle. When they complete the puzzle, he realises that he can't stop them without backup, so he runs away.

Macaw reunites with Bishop in Kodh, but doesn't show any concern for his wellbeing. The two of them attempt to find Aurora together. Layton tricks them into searching the hill behind the fisherman's hut so that Aurora can escape.

When Layton and co. reach the Targent HQ, Macaw allows them to pass and decides his time with Targent is over. Robin follows suit and quits also. Macaw then suggests both he and Robin find a new career at Scotland Yard.


  • Just like the other Targent members, his name is based on that of a bird, in this case the Macaw.
    • In the British version, his name was based on the Rook bird. In addition, he and his partner Bishop have the name of a chess piece as well.
    • Both Macaw and his colleague Robin appear in the trunk episode 'Feathered Friends'.
  • By the illustrations during the credits, it is hinted that he and Robin play the roles of Layton and Luke, respectively, in a television show.


Azran LegacyEdit

One half of a two-man Targent task force that traveled the world looking for the eggs. Macaw likes to do things by the book and prefers a direct approach when tackling problems, but he often finds himself led astray by his partner. His desire to be a good person eventually led to his leaving Targent.

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