You may be looking for Marco from Professor Layton and the Curious Village.
"I'm sure of it! This is Ambrosia!"
— Marco Brock excited about finding Ambrosia, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Marco Brock is an amateur historian who appears in Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. He has spent his life studying the legend of Ambrosia and wished to be able to find it someday. This dream has now become true.



Marco Brock spent his life studying the legend of Ambrosia and the City of Harmony. He was present at the Crown Petone when it transformed into a boat and sailed away. When it was said that those present on the ship will play a 'little game', Marco reluctantly accepted. He figured out the first two puzzles with ease, becoming one of the twelve finalists, and making a friend. He joined a lifeboat along with Layton, Luke, Janice Quatlane, Oswald Whistler, Amelia Ruth and Nina. He successfully made it to Ambrosia, along with the other eleven contestants. It was then that he introduced himself as: Marco Brock, amateur historian. When the group was chased by wolves, Amelia noticed Layton using a different approach. She followed this tactic and trapped Marco, Celia Raidley, Pierre Starbuck and herself within the cage. He was later present for Puzzle 004, and followed Luke, Amelia and Janice through the correct door. Unfortunately for Celia and Pierre, it was the end of the road. When Descole made his appearance, he kidnapped Amelia and had Luke, Janice and Marco taken down into the castle tunnels. There, Luke faked an injury and managed to escape along with Janice. All of the guards chased them, leaving Marco alone in the tunnels. He watched them escape, and proceeded to find his own way out, where he was captured by Descole's henchmen. While pinned to the ground, he stated "No, not my scrapbook!". Aside from the main characters (Janice, Luke and Amelia), he was the last remaining contestant in the game. Marco was seen during the credits on Ambrosia with Curtis, meaning that he survived the whole ordeal.



  • In the credits gallery, he can be seen taking a picture with Curtis O'Donnell on Ambrosia.
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