Mask of Miracle

The Mask of Chaos is an Azran treasure in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask; its counterpart is the Mask of Order.


The mask is rather large, and is colored with three tones of gold. It has a sun-like dial on its forehead; when turned, the mask separates into two halves. Strangely, it warps and deepens the voice of the wearer if used as a mask.



Years before Miracle Mask, a scholar named Donald Rutledge documented the mask in his landmark work, Ancient Histories. He wrote about what the mask's purpose may be, but never found out what it actually was made for.

18 years before Miracle Mask, after Rutledge had become an archeological legend, Randall Ascot, emboldened by visions of personal glory, set about trying to locate the Mask. He examined the wall of Norwell, an Azran ruin thought to be connected to the wall; after translating the cipher, he went on an expedition and uncovered the Mask, as well as directions to the ruins of Akbadain.

Later on, with a seventeen-year old Hershel Layton, Randall explored the ruins, only for Randall to supposedly perish when accidentally activating a trap, despite Layton's efforts. Randall fell into an abyss, clutching the mask as he fell.

In fact, Randall had survived; he had fallen into a river, and was found by an old man called Firth along with the mask. Hitting his head in the fall, Randall suffered from amnesia, so started working for Firth as a farmer. He lived in Craggy Dale for 18 years.

Years after, to take revenge, Randall decided to disguise himself with the mask, using its 'power' to turn people into stone, raise into the air and other scary deeds.

When 'unlocked', the mask is split into two pieces, the Mask of Chaos and the Mask of Order. At the Akbadain ruins, there are two pedistals in which these halves can be placed. When the masks were placed by Layton and Angela Ledore, the ruins began to rise, saving Monte d'Or from being flooded by a flood of sand caused by Randall out of misplaced anger. Elsewhere, The Nautilus Chamber of Akbadain also rose.


  • The mask is not in fact magic. The 'miracles' that Randall supposedly performed with it were clever tricks created by Jean Descole. The only true miracle the mask can perform is raising the Akbadain ruins.
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