Matthew is a major character in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. He is the Reinhold family's butler and the oldest of Bruno's robots.



Matthew wears a blue suit with a red bow tie. He also wears glasses and brown shoes.


Matthew is very kind, but somewhat timid. This usually makes him the victim of Lady Dahlia's bossiness and rage.



The oldest of Bruno's robots.

Matthew has faithfully served the Reinholds as their butler for many years.

Because of his kind and mild nature, however, he often gets the brunt of Lady Dahlia's bossiness.



Professor Layton and the Curious VillageEdit

Matthew plays a fairly large role in Curious Village, assisting Professor Layton many times. He finds a cog at the scene of Simon's murder, and he gives Layton information regarding things such as the Baron's diary and Ingrid. Matthew can be seen among the villagers in the game's final cutscene, waving Flora off.


Since he is the Reinholds' butler, Matthew is present at the Manor throughout the game. He gives Layton and Luke a couple of puzzles, including "One Poor Pooch" and "Find the Dot".


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