Melody Smith is a talent agent who is the manager of the famous singer Dolly Hollerday. During one of appearances, Hollerday was a witness to a radio show host's death. Smith was one of the five suspects to his murder.


Smith was a talent agent who soon had Hollerday the singer as a client. As her manager, Smith advised Hollerday on what she shouldn't do, much to her frustration. Hollerday soon started to constantly argue with Smith about her advice. Nevertheless, Smith remained as Hollerday's manager and managed to have her appear on a radio show hosted by Dread, an old acquaintance of Smith, to advertise her new single. For the show, Smith decided to purchase macaroons for Hollerday as a gift for Dread. 

On the day of the show, Smith came to the studio with Hollerday and Dread together and went behind the window to observe the show. The show went well until Dread swallowed one of her macaroons and collapsed on the floor, causing the director Mike de Bonair to have the sound man Randal Mann switch to an ad about Farrods and have Smith and Hollerday leave the studio and go to the waiting room. Smith waited with Hollerday at the waiting room until the police came, where Hague the Detective Sergeant had Hollerday go to the Mystery Room to help with the investigation. When she was asked for her statement, Smith told them Hollerday couldn't be the killer and it was all a plot to ruin Hollerday.

During the investigation, Inspector Alfendi Layton suspected Hollerday as she brought in the macaroons but she soon accused Smith of poisoning the macaroons. However, the gift was unwrapped before given to Dread so to apply the poison on one of the macaroons would require the killer to be in front of Dread so it was an impossible act and Smith couldn't be the killer. 

The killer turned out not to be Smith but instead de Bonair, who killed Smith's old acquaintance because of his money problems. de Bonair also killed Anice Brewer the tea lady as she was the only other witness of the murder who would know de Bonair planned with Dread a prank, which de Bonair used to kill Dread later, to make Hollerday, Smith and Mann all think he was dead.

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