Mido is a character in Professor Layton and the Last Specter.



He dresses up in a shirt, jacket, and pants, all in green and wears glasses.


Mido is a friendly old man who seems perfectly normal until he goes for a stroll in the woods. He is passionate about nature and secretly plans to scatter seeds around town to make it a greener place.

Plot Edit

Mido is first seen on the road watching around the town's small water lines. He is quite knowledgeable of the landscape and history of Misthallery, but he doesn't give much information to Professor Layton and Emmy on their investigation. He seems to be a little worried of the latest happenings buzzing around Misthallery as well, talking about the fog and water ways often.


Mido gives Professor Layton the puzzle "Downhill from Here".


  • Mido's name is likely derived from the Japanese word for green, "midori (緑)." This would fit in with his green clothing and his knowledge of, and affinity for, nature.
  • He can be seen in Arianna's flashback.
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