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Montsarton Gallery is a location in Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. It is a gallery showcasing famous art from all over the world.
Montsarton plaza art



Chapter 1: The Mask of ChaosEdit

Professor Layton, Luke and Emmy, on their way to Madame Lapushka's costume boutique for information, learn from a policeman that the gallery had been closed owing to the Masked Gentleman's doing. Portraits donated from an anonymous source had escaped from their frames and ran riot in Monte d'Or because of the mask's "magic."

Chapter 3: The Battle for Monte d'OrEdit

The gallery was reopened to the public after the arrest of Alphonse Dalston, believed to have been behind the Masked Gentleman and his miracles.

When the professor, Luke and Emmy pay a visit, they talk to the gallery's curator who tells them about Henry Ledore's generous donation of dozens of new artworks to replace the old ones.

Chapter 5: Miracles UnmaskedEdit

During the police conference, the professor manages to work out how the miracle had been performed. The portraits had been delivered to the gallery in vacuum-sealed casing; while the paid actors caused havoc in the city, their likenesses disappeared from each portrait, as they had been painted with a special type of paint that turned invisible soon after coming into contact with air.

Chapter 7: The Reunion InnEdit

At the Reunion Inn, the professor explains that the paintings Henry had donated to the gallery had been kept in its attic; they kept the rope upon which the Masked Gentleman pretended to walk on air taut.