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Mosinnia is a location in Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. It is a deserted town, that has long been forgotten.


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Professor Layton, Luke, Emmy, Aurora and Desmond Sycamore end up visiting the town in search of the Azran Eggs. They initially think it's deserted, but eventually find a few children who still live there. One of the children, Umid, explains that the adults have all fallen into a coma with no signs of waking up; according to legend, only the tears of the mythical phoenix can save them.

Layton's investigations eventually bring him to the local temple, where Azran runes are discovered. Investigating them further causes several Azran mechanisms to appear throughout the town, culminating in Layton unlocking the sluices outside the walled city, filling the canals which form the shape of a phoenix. The waters unlock a hidden chamber where the phoenix's eye would be, in which an Azran library is found.

Using the information in the library, Layton's group concocts an antidote for the adults, which wakes them up. It is found that the adults had eaten a mushroom stew at a festival, which mistakenly had sleep-inducing mushrooms added to the mix. Grateful for their help, Dana the elder gives Layton's group the Azran Egg.

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  • Mosinnia is named after the plant 'moss', which grows in deserted and neglected buildings/places.
  • Mosinnia is an anagram of the word insomnia, which is ironic as all the adult residents fell foul to a poisonous mushroom that made them sleep, and insomnia is the lack of sleep. After awakening, however, the adults do suffer some degree of insomnia due to having slept for a week; Banu, in particular, finds herself unable to sleep due to overconsumption of a highly caffeinated tea.